Shelter Pets of the Day

Submitted by reader Lynn – a couple dogs from her own rescue. Lynn says her Petfinder listings should be up soon and she will post the link when they are:

Molly is a 10 year old, spayed female Basset Hound.
Buckwheat is a 10 year old, spayed female Alaskan Husky.

Daisy Acres Critter Services
23 mile Chena Hot Springs Road
Two Rivers, Alaska

6 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. Buckwheat has LONG legs. Maybe you could market her to the amateur monster film industry. I can see her stomping through a miniature city while frightened citizens look up in terror. (I know everything is cg now but I prefer the classics!)

  2. LOL, she’s got that long legs, big feet wolfie look–she’s adorable and wish I could adopt her.
    Bet she was a great sled dog in her younger years.

  3. Buckwheat has cataracts and is partially blind, so she stomps through life in a monstrous way rather nicely! (Really, she steps in her dish every day when I try to feed her.)
    How does one go about marketing to the amateur monster film industry? (Or, did you just do that?!)
    Buckwheat is trained in harness, but she’s not a lead dog. She’s also too old to do serious work…although she is still a high energy dog and wants to try!
    Buckwheat can be crabby with other dogs, especially females. She’s not good with cats or puppies, and unfortunately, squealing children activate her prey drive too. (I know, she helped me give a dog sled ride to a family and when the child giggled/screamed with joy in the basket, she was ready to turn around and investigate..and I didn’t trust the limits of interest.)
    This is not to say that she can’t learn to be kind and safe around children…but, well, I must be honest about the risks. She could probably learn all sorts of stuff! But I frankly don’t have the time or resources to teach her. Should she die for my lack? I think not.
    I’m hoping somebody else might like to take on the challenge of this old girl.

  4. As for Molly, she was once half of a pair of bassets. She actually had a litter of puppies many years ago. Both she and her mate were spayed/neutered, and a few years ago the male basset died. Molly was very sad and lost. Her people had other small dogs, but Molly was the biggest (monster?) in the household. She transferred her adoration to the husband, but he was not home enough to fulfill her needs. The family chose to limit Molly’s access. She lived outside, she slept alone in the garage. She exhibited negative behaviors like fighting with the other little dogs, peeing on the bed and the couch, and barking/howling. (ALL of this was natural and normal behavior!!!)
    The wife approached me a year and a half ago about taking Molly into rescue…but the husband refused to let her go. Six months ago, (as the weather was getting colder) the wife approached me again. This time she and her husband brought Molly to my home to meet me and my pack.
    Molly stayed glued to the guys legs the entire time. She growled at any of my dogs that came near. This couple stayed in my livingroom for two and a half hours telling me how much they loved Molly!
    I remember one line: (the wife did most of the talking) “Even if she only has two weeks left to live, she deserves to be happy…”
    I envision Molly sorta like that Cocker in California…except that this person really did want what was best for the dog.
    Molly whined and howled for two hours straight at the door her people walked out of that night. It broke my heart! It took about two weeks, but she has blossomed into a happy member of the pack here.
    She can be crabby with other critters. (I’ve had a few puncture wounds as part of the transition.) She has peed in the house, but NOT on our bed and not on the couch. And at 50 below I might pee on the floor too if I didn’t know how to use the toilet!
    She’s dropped a few pounds, her coat is better, she doesn’t have the chronic ear goo of my other foster basset. She does have several old dog lumps and bumps. She also licks her front feet a lot. I’m taking her to my vet next week for a wellness exam in case she has any interested adopters.
    Molly would really like to be an only dog. It is not required, but it is her preference. However, she does NOT want to be alone! So if you spend a lot of time away from home, don’t choose this gal as your only dog! Molly adores my husband (more than me) even though he works out of town five days a week.
    Bassets generally don’t transition well. They are a loving but stubborn breed. They can be passive-aggressive. They want love, time and attention. If they don’t get it, they act out.
    Oh, she’s pretty much okay with cats, although the cat needs to be okay with dogs too! (Mine is.) Kids are okay too…although she is an old dog and she can be cranky and, as with any pet, child supervision is required.

  5. Just heard from Petfinder…I’ve been approved! But their admin site is down for repairs, so I can’t post dogs yet. Stay tuned.

    1. That is great to hear Lynn! I hope that this will open doors for you to find homes for your rescues. I know that some people will drive across the country when they find a dog that fall in love with…just remember to be up front like you are and honest about the dogs. The right person/people will come along when you least expect it!

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