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    1. Hi lynn,…Martha is 14 months old. She and her litter were dumped at a lake in Iowa. They were covered in ticks, and curled up together under a tree. Some good people there fishing took them to a local animal shelter. A group in Iowa took them in, and contacted us. We got she and her sister, and both are very sweet pups. Her sister was adopted some months ago, and Martha is still waiting for that forever home. She is fully vetted of course, microchipped, healthy as a horse. She is high energy, but after exercise calms down and is house trained. All of our dogs live with us in our licensed shelter home. We take 2-3 dogs only at a time to get them ready for a home. We are a German wirehair rescue and although her sister had full furnishings and coat, Martha resembles the shorthair side. This along with her tail seems to have been a deterring factor in her adoption.

      She is labeled our event dog…meaning she has been to many adoption events as a solid temperament to those situations. We have socialized her with people and other dogs…she is also crate trained and loves her crate as a safe spot. She is a very good dog…and is maturing into a lovely adult!

      1. Wanted to add…it has been mind boggling that she has not been adopted…she has no baggage, is such a sweet girl. It is not fair for her to grow up in rescue….which she basically has. She loves to play with my Baldwin, but does play rough. He rolls with it, and just runs with her. She has wonderful leash skills also. Loves to walk…does have some prey drive with squirrels on the walk, but does respond to correction. She would be perfect for an active couple…runner, and needs a secure fence. She is a climber of chain link…LOL> So would be great for someone with a good sturdy fence, or in a condo situation that runs, walks morning/evening with a dog walker possibly in the mid day if they work. She is so sweet…

    1. Oh we do too…she deserves it. Am hoping to find that forever home soon. They know they are here temporarily and are just waiting for that special someone to find them.

  1. yes, the shorthair rescue here has helped crosspost.
    She is high, high energy so a home understanding her exercise needs is really going to be her forever home. I can see her in agility, or Dock diving…as our dogs do. She is incredibly smart…but will need a job.

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