New York City: The Show Goes On

If you watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on TV tonight, you will see a Samoyed in the Working Group. Samoyeds are stunning white dogs, known for their “smile”. Click here to see one.

Not far from the Samoyeds competing at Madison Square Garden today, there is another Samoyed at NYC AC & C.  This one is an 11 year old spayed female (ID #A888287), suffering from severe wounds and she “appears to be responding to treatment”.  She is on the kill list for today and people on Facebook are networking to try and save her.

This dog, whose record says “owner surrender reason stated was CRUELTY”, appears to be in desperate need of care.  Isn’t this exactly the kind of dog we should be thankful made it to a place called Animal Care & Control?  Isn’t this a dog our public shelters should be helping, most especially when she is responding to treatment?  So why is NYC AC & C planning to kill her?  Where is the Care in their Animal Care & Control?

I hope this dog gets saved from the people with Care in their name by someone who actually cares.  It would be wonderful to restore her Sammy smile.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Shirley-Someone save her she deserves the very best, not a count down to her death! Will cross post!

    1. you can try – I can’t find a phone number for them on their website – and I have heard it is near impossible to get through to them on the phone. I can’t find her on their website – the background picture makes me think she might be in brooklyn – does anyone know for sure?


      1. from the posting on Facebook: “Brooklyn – 718-272-7201 (hit 0 for operator, do not leave a message. May need to hit 0 a few times)”

      2. Thanks – I was going to look up the phone number. If you are interested in the animal you can show up:

        AC&C — Brooklyn Animal Care Center
        2336 Linden Boulevard
        Brooklyn, NY 11208

        Brooklyn starts their killing early – if she is scheduled for death today (2/15) then she might be dead already. If she is still alive showing up at their door might work better then trying the phones.


    1. I would start by calling the shelter and asking them to place a HOLD on her while you look for someone to pull her. If you click the link to the FB posting, you will see a lot of comments from people working to save her. Maybe networking with those folks would be a good place to start after you make sure ACC doesn’t kill her.

    2. Start by calling them and telling them you wish to adopt the dog and giving them your information. If you have someone in the area who can go down in person that would be better. If not keep calling. Once you actually have her saved a transport can be arranged – depending on where you are they might even transport her to you themselves. If not then post again – I will help you find someone who can get her to you.


      1. Thank you Daniela. I don’t get why AC & C didn’t send this dog’s photo/story to the news. People would jump at the chance to help this poor dog. Why are they just putting her on a kill list w/out even TRYING?

  2. According to the facebook page (and I don’t know how accurate it is) the animal cruelty charges have been dropped and the owner has until 2pm to pick her up. If they don’t she will be up for adoption. Brooklyn starts their killing at 7:00am – so that gives about 20 hours for someone to go in there and adopt her. You do not need to go through a rescue group if you intend to keep her – you can go through the adoption process yourself. The only hiccup might be an out of state adoption – I don’t know the ACC policy on that, but you would hit the same one with a rescue group so if you have someone in the area that can go for you ask them to do so.


  3. The owner should have been arrested the moment they came into the shelter with a dog that looked like that.

    1. The only reasonable scenario that jumps to mind is something like the dog was stolen from the owner a year ago and only now is being reunited. If it’s something like that, they need to find who allowed the dog to get to this condition and prosecute that person IMO. But if it’s the owner who allowed this to happen, I’m not coming up with much by way of possible explanations that would allow him/her to get the dog back. Any plausible ideas?

      1. According to the facebook page the Officer felt the dog was not in that bad shape so dropped the charges. I originally thought that the dog was brought to ACC via an Officer because what owner would drop off a dog and list cruelty as a reason, but now I am not so sure about that. Apparently a rescue is also working on getting the dog. Hopefully with all this effort SOMEONE will get her before her time runs out.


      2. So many times we hear “rescue fell through” and I understand there are legitimate reasons this happens. But just because “someone else” is supposedly working on helping this dog, please don’t write her off as safe. As long as she remains in the hands of those who would kill her, she is not safe. Better that she has 2 or 3 people working on getting her out than each one assuming the others have it covered.

        As for “not in that bad shape” – I’m assuming the person making that determination is in a vegetative state?

      3. I am not writing her off as safe! I help with the effort to save the cats and until the animal is out of the door at NYACC we don’t consider the cat actually saved. I encourage University Of Michigan Cruelty Exposed to keep calling and trying to adopt this animal. If a few different people/shelters/rescues make the effort then there are greater chances that one of them will walk out with this dog. But don’t assume someone else will pick it up once you hear about them. They could be thinking the same thing if they hear about you working to save the dog. Just keep going and hope for the best.

        Yeah – i would love to know how that dog isn’t in bad shape. And feel really sorry for the dogs that ARE consider in bad shape!


    2. 100% agree!! how could they drop the charges? clearly something horrible happened to this dog and someone needs to be responsible for it! Laws need to be changed!!!!!

      1. How could the neglect/cruelty charges have been dropped AND how could they give this dog back to the people who let this happen? I hope that someone is able to rescue this dog.

      1. I don’t get it how they can say this isn’t a cruelty case! When have you EVER seen a Samoyed look like this? I have never seen one look this bad – you can’t even tell what the breed is! IF thsi dogs is allowed to go back to the ‘owners’ with no charges then the NYC AC&C or the ASPCA – whoever made the decision needs a good slap!

  4. Any news on her? I lived with a wonderful Samoyed for 12 + years and can’t imagine anyone doing such horrid things to this beautiful breed. Please . . . someone who can . . . get her out of there. She deserves so much more. IF I didn’t live in Michigan or I’d be on my way to get her.

  5. OMG! My soul itches to groom this dog!!! I wish I were closer, because I would help for free. I see coats like this more often than I’d like. I’m not sure it’s something someone “does” to the animal, but rather what nobody bothers to do to keep it from happening. We had a pot bellied pig that came into rescue that had six inches of chicken shit crusted on it’s body. Apparently the pig was kept in the coop and the birds pooped down onto it.
    Usually when a dog comes in this messy, a kind, gentle, and thorough grooming can really change not only their appearance, but their attitude as well.
    I question sometimes if it is better to show the photo of the dejected and messy creature, or better to clean it up and make it more presentable before posting the photo for adoption. Sometimes the messy photo, like this one, really works to pull heartstrings, but I also think it is used to shame the previous owner and feed that *public blame* machine.
    What is best for the dog is certainly not to be left in this condition! (Bright cheery sunfbursts to the contrary.)

  6. Sometimes I wonder if shelter staff even SEE the animal that’s right in front of them. Much less do an actual physical exam. I’ve had them tell me a pit was “probably” a real fighter when she had NO TEETH in her mouth and once saw a photo–posted on a shelter’s website–of a dog that was dripping blood on the floor. Never did get a satisfactory explanation for that one. Heart-rending photos definitely get a response from rescuers but not sure how potential adopters feel about them. Photos like
    this one from the Brooklyn shelter send the message that they don’t expect the dog to get out at all, much less get adopted.

    1. The one I’ve been following is this one:

      but Erica says below that there has been lots of crossposting. I find FB postings unreliable and try to avoid them. But in some cases, like NYC AC & C, it’s the only way to get info about what’s going on at the shelter. With all the conflicting info, I don’t know if we’ll ever get a definitive answer. But hopefully at least she was saved from being needlessly killed by the shelter.

      1. “But hopefully at least she was saved from being needlessly killed by the shelter.” Sorry”,… needlessly killed”… may have been her only escape. Can you imagine her, NOW ? back in the hands of those who did this to her ? we need to keep calling the “Authorities” to not drop this case, and to continue follow-up ‘inspections’, etc.

      2. Again – do we have any background story on this dog? Is it verified that it’s the owner who caused the dog to be in this state? And yes, the shelter was going to needlessly kill her. Returning her to an abuser (IF that’s what happened) or death were NOT the only 2 options here.

      3. According to the Justice for Baby Facebook page – the dog came in as a stray. They got this info directly from the ACO they spoke with….so hopefully her condition has nothing to do with her owner and is because she got loose?!?!?

  7. This dog is plastered all over Facebook. I have read posts saying the charges are being dropped (cruelty), I have read that there are still pending charges, I have read that the owner wants the dogs back, I have read that there is a rescue (MidAtlantic Samoyed Rescue) that is supposed to be pulling her….there are a zillion stories going around.

    But – the gist of what I have gathered is that the owners wanted her back, but there is a recue that is ready to pull her, and a LONG waiting list for her. So it sounds like regardless of the situation there is a list of people willing to take her – thank God! I sure hope the owner DOESN’T get her back…if they did this to her they don’t deserve her! I would’ve had NO IDEA that she was a Samoyed from that picture.

    And talk about a huge missed media opportunity! They should’ve had her ALL over the media with her story. Yet, even without the media coverage they have a waiting list – let’s see if they can take that list and use it to help other animals in their care find forever homes.

    1. Here are 3 of the postings I found about the dog…if you read through ALL the comments on each page you will see where it says the owners are getting her, then it says there is a rescue getting her, it just keepings going back and forth – it is a cruelty case/it isn’t a cruelty case. Plus – people are calling and getting some nasty people answering the phones. I highly recommend NOT calling unless you are in the area and want to get her yourself – or you know a rescue that you can contact (there is a list of them here – to have them get in touch with the shelter to have her pulled because it sounds like the guy who is answering the phone is getting annoyed with everyone calling — unfortunately I think he should have the phone stuck somewhere that the sun does not shine. Here they have tons of people come forth to offer to take this dog – why aren’t they turning it into a HUGE media op to adopt out other animals as well?!?! Doesn’t make sense to me because looking through the posts there are tons of people willing to take her, or chip in on her vet bills, etc. If the NYC AC&C doesn’t use this as an opportunity to get these people in there and find another dog they could clean up shop in a day or two!!/photo.php?fbid=197771700235717&set=a.199479326731621.53784.152876678058553&theater

  8. I can not believe this dog is back with the owner. What is wrong with the ASPCA? I didn’t like the ASPCA before but now..

  9. IF it was the ASPCAs call to not recognize this as severe abuse/neglect, then I think we need to let them know what we think of that. I hope that it’s a case of the owners not knowing where she was and what was happening to her and that they will take good care of her. If not, it’s easily as cruel of the “shelters” to turn her back over to them.
    This is just effing unbelievable!

  10. The ASPCA is constantly dropping the ball. I also read that thus dog was returned to the owners and cruelty charges dropped. Honestly euthing her would have probably been better than sending her back to this hell hole. People need to stop sending donations to the ASPCA and start sending them to rescues who actually help these poor animals! People should write the ASPCA and let them know we are outraged!

  11. I created the fb page for Baby, I wanted to stop by and thank you very very much for promoting Baby’s story and her fb page. We are in fact pursuing this case and have no plans of giving up on getting her out of where she is. We are not sure what her coming in as a ‘stray’ really meant, but regardless the Vet on our core team has estimated that it had to take an estimated 5 years for her coat to look like it does. Overall, unless the ‘owner’ had not seen this dog for over 5-8 years, then he/she had to completely ignore this poor dog on a daily basis. We are making progress! How that progress will pan out we do not know but we’ve got to try. Thank you again for bringing attention to Baby’s story.
    Take care,

  12. WOW, that is by far the saddest photo of a Sammy I have ever seen, I don’t know what happened to this dog, but I do hope she is okay. In order for a Sammy to look for that, it must of never been groomed and kept in a crate with its own filth for years, so sad. </3 I would loose it on someone if they did that to my Sammy. . . .

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