9 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Could be a husky mix. (AKA Alaskan Husky) They are mixed! Those who are looking for a Siberian specifically might be looking for something different from this dog. I’d call him a husky.

    1. The owners “lost” their apartment and are homeless. Their other dog was killed because he did not pass the temperament test. :(

      1. What breed was the other dog? I sure hope this guy makes it out of there. If they end up with too many adopters, I have a dozen other huskies here in Alaska willing to travel for a forever home…although many of them are older dogs, so forever won’t be all that long. Sigh.

  2. The other dog was a Border Collie or herding mix of some type.

    The good news is that a rescue in NH is attempting to pull Smokey since I submitted the listing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he may eventually be reunited with his family.

    1. That really is good news! Hope it works out.
      I’m sorry to hear about the other dog. I have a border collie mix who probably wouldn’t pass a
      shelter temp test either. They really need to be evaluated by people who have experience with the breed–even the mixes.

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