A Few No Kill Links for your Clicky Pleasure

A few quick links that I know will be of interest to some of the no kill advocates who hang around here:

An upcoming program on Animal Wise Radio:

Sunday at noon PST on Nathan Winograd UNLEASHED: With groups like the ASPCA, HSUS, & Best Friends using their wealth for their own power-hungry ends, we do not have a large, national organization that truly reflects our values. What would such an organization look like? What do we have a right to expect? And why we should not settle for anything less.

[via No Kill Revolution]


A no kill workshop presented by Nathan Winograd:

The workshop will take place Saturday, April 30, 2011 at:

South Texas College of Law

Joe Green Auditorium

1303 San Jacinto

Houston, Texas 77002

Visit No Kill Houston’s website for tickets

[via Bett from No Kill Houston]


The group No Kill Nation is close to having 100,000 fans on Facebook.  If you are on FB and haven’t “liked” their page yet, check them out.

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