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  1. Seriously. That name needs to go. Something a little more fun and a little less combative? Bexley. Tigger. Falcor. Something.

  2. He got that name on the website because this isn’t his first time at the shelter–he’s been there at least twice before and both times was hit by a car! Shelter says he’s doing okay so must not have been seriously injured. Hitman really needs a break–a LUCKY one this time–because so far he doesn’t have any rescue or adoption applications. He’s a sweet boy–needs a home and a fence.

  3. Ah. Then clearly his name should be “Ford”.

    The dog has got some serious resilience. I hope he finds his new people soon.

    1. Not sure about cats. The shelter is only for dogs. There’s a cat shelter across the street but not sure you’ll get any cats to volunteer for testing.

      1. I have a few cats that would be happy to test him… with 4 big dogs, this house is still run by the cats. Hee. Too bad I’m so far away.

  4. Hitman’s family knows he’s in the shelter again, but shelter vols say it doesn’t look like they’re going to bail him out this time. This boy needs a new family urgently! His stray hold is up, so he’s in real danger now even though the shelter saves about 75% of the dogs who come in.

    And speaking of cats–all the kitties on the website at http://www.athenspets.net are sponsored this week–very generous offer with matching funds for 501c3 cat rescues!

  5. I hope someone pulls him before it’s too late. What is his personality like? Any rescues available if he had sponsorship?

  6. If you are interested in adopting or rescuing him, please step up, even if you are not in GA. The volunteer and rescue network is good at setting up transport when needed.

  7. I could sponsor him (I’m in Michigan) but couldn’t foster or adopt him because I have 4 old lady cats who have never lived with dogs and I won’t do that to them. So if there’s a good rescue that will pull him, I’ll do what I can financially.

    1. Thank you very much for this kind offer! The shelter doesn’t handle sponsorships directly because they’re county funded, but the shelter volunteers can get the word out by posting that there’s a sponsorship offer on the website–and
      they will also help with putting the rescue in touch with the sponsor. Funds can only go to 501c3 rescues, not to individual adopters. The person to contact is Allyson at athenspets@gmail.com. She gets the mail at that address.

    1. Thank you! Here’s some more info about Hitman from a shelter volunteer–
      He’s “a brindle pit maybe boxer or mastiff mix. He has the cutest mug. I know it is difficult not to squeeze his floppy cheeks.He likes attention and walks at animal control. He is a great boy who likes to play, is calm and loves people and other dogs. Please consider this boy. Hitman has a lifetime of love to share.He would make a great family pet or running partner. UPDATE: Sponsored per website.”

  8. No adoptable dogs were put down at the shelter this week, so Hitman is still available. There were 4 urgent dogs–all great dogs and all sponsored. One, a shepherd mix named Opal, just got accepted into a guide dog training program which is wonderful because she had to spend 10 days in quarantine and didn’t get much exposure on the website. She’s a good girl–didn’t bite anyone–but she was in heat and got mixed up with 2 males who were fighting.

  9. I’m still waiting for a response from the person you referred me to. Glad to hear that all four of the pups are safe! Poor Opal – that’s what happens when you run with the “wrong crowd”!!

    I will let you know what I hear and keep hoping and praying that this pup will be as lucky as the others. He’s such a great looking dog, and sounds as if he has a good personality, too.

    1. Thank you for trying to help him db. I just hate the thought that he’s sitting in the shelter banged up and not receiving treatment. I hope that’s not the case.

      1. I have bad news. The report we got earlier was wrong and Hitman was killed by the shelter today. I’m so sorry. I really hoped he still had a chance.

  10. It’s a kill shelter. They hold “stray” dogs for 5 business days. They contacted his owner but the person never came to reclaim him. He didn’t have any adoption or rescue applications. They were out of space. But only the first sentence “explains” his death–it’s a kill shelter.

  11. Thank you. I just don’t have words for the hope I had for him and the sadness/anger I feel now that the powers that be decided he needed to die. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. It was a sad day today. Worse to think he made it and then find out he didn’t. Another really good dog lost.

    A wonderful person offered to sponsor every cat at the shelter this week. That’s an offer you would expect a rescue to jump at, right? Well, the humane society that pulls the cats didn’t even bother to return my calls. One of their volunteers told me they dropped their foster program when kitten season ended last year. No wonder the losses are so high at the cat shelter–much worse than the dog shelter (which is bad enough). So it’s not looking like the best of weeks for the cats, either.

  13. How can they continue to kill, kill, kill? It sounds as if Hitman had a lot of sponsors, too, but they killed him anyway. What is it with these people? Are they not aware of how to kill less?

    Such needless misery and loss. We have to find a way to stop this!

  14. I went back to look at Hitman’s intake date–it was Feb. 12. So the shelter kept him for 11 days and not just the legally required 5 business days. I just wish it could have been longer.

  15. Rest in peace, sweet boy. You deserved so much better than this. And thank you to everyone who tried to save your life.

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