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      1. Morgana-

        I know what you’re saying, but what HSUS and the thousands of municipal “shleters” AKA torture chambers don’t want to acknowledge is that they ARE wanted. each and every one of those lost souls. Each of us on this blog today crying about Jeri and the millions others like her – we want them. So do the majority of people – I really believe that. I believe the mass majority of people in this country hate the broken system and the senseless slaughter. Maybe we can’t each own a thousand dogs and cats, but we acknowledge each one’s value and worth and don’t want them dead. Luckily we as a society at least try to care for the “unwanted” children – HSUS with all their mony can certainly come up with “group homes” or whatever to house precious animals until a 4ever home is found. I’m having a difficult day today due to the death of my Mom, so I apolgize if my ramblings don’t make sense, but hope the sentiment comes thru.

      2. Sorry to hear about your mother.

        I just wanted to say that while we all KNOW that the big-wig animal groups *could* do…we are all also aware of the fact that they not only fail to do it, but refuse to even help a little bit to ease some of the financial burden in these shelters. They act like their shelter partnering program is enough…and to hear them talk it’s not their problem. We constantly hear how they aren’t set up (and according to the powers that be) they were never meant to be an agency that assists shelters financially. Sad, really when they dupe people into believing that they do help those poor animals at the shelters and refuse to publicly make it completely transparent to potential donors (and even some current ones). I can’t tell you how many people say they just discovered that the HSUS doesn’t help the animal shelters and they stopped their donations.

        Even when confronted with the point that the name, in and of itself, would make people think they are set up as an umbrella agency for the local humane societies – many of their supporters will try and pull the old – we were here first. Funny thing is the HSUS was started in 1954 and prior to that we had multiple local humane societies that did indeed care for animals. All of this is reasons why there are people like me that are spreading the word far and wide that HSUS isn’t what they think it is. I can’t wait for the day when people are all aware that the HSUS is nothing more than a radical rights group that wants nothing more than to see animals no longer used for work, food, and as companion animals. I hope to see it finalized in my lifetime…and I hope to see the people stand up for their local humane societies instead of donating to a big lobbying group.

  1. If those are as bad as your curse words get, well, you’re doing okay in my book. Oddly enough, cursing doesn’t seem to help too much.

  2. I’m gonna go home and hug my neighbor’s farm dog who looks *just like* Jeri. Diego was a parking lot free puppy and got the chance to grow into a big golden bear of a dog who happily lives outside, watching over flock, family, and friends. Diego is “the best dog in the whole world” to his 70 year old hobby farmer. When Jeri was killed someone, somewhere lost their best dog in the world.

    It’s just wrong when a dog stands a better chance in life by being given away in a parking lot than when she is given to a so-called shelter.

  3. @ Rescuer – Your words are not rambling. They are just living poetry moving across the page on this day in this moment. I am sorry about your Mom. I lost mine almost two years ago. Some days it is as if she left yesterday. When JERI died I lost her all over again. I am holding you close to heart. Samantha

  4. When will the human race get smart enough to understand the world through an animal’s eyes? The system is so broken.

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