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Three bottle raised pups, submitted by reader Jamie who writes:

The first picture is a male.  He is the largest and just look at that cutie patootie face!  He has more of a fluffy husky look.  Very people friendly, bold and brave and likes to visit cats and dogs.
The second is the only female.  She has a short coat.  She had some damage to one of her eyes and so her eyes are not symmetrical.  She may have reduced vision in one.  She is snuggly, outgoing, brave, and also likes to visit the cats and dogs.
Last but not least is the only one I named.  Sigmar the Magnificent.  We were literally one night away from having him euthanized so he’s lucky to be here.  He had the most damage to his head and when he was about 4 weeks old he developed bacterial meningitis.  Oh it was so awful to see him in so much pain and not knowing if I was doing the right thing by treating him.  After 48 hours he was still mostly unresponsive and painful to every touch and my vet told me to take him home and if didn’t improve overnight we would have to seriously consider letting him.  Something happened to that little guy that night and by morning he was able to lick my fingers of food, was far less painful, and he began trying to escape the box I had him in.  Thank Dog for antibiotics.  So Sigmar has some lingering physical problems he may or may not grow out of.  He is still somewhat more weak in the hind end than the front, tilts his head sometimes, and tends to list to one side while he walks.  He lists even more when he runs.  But that certainly doesn’t stop him from running directly into the food bowl.  His left ear is scarred and only somewhat attached (my vet says it looks like bow tie pasta….yumm), and his right eye never fully opened, probably due to scarring.  The eye may be able to be opened surgically but we have not fully explored that option.  He will be on antibiotics for a couple more weeks to make sure the bacterial meningitis is fully taken care of.  He should end up a mostly normal dog.  But super special because he is, after all, magnificent.

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  1. How old are they? What breed(s) are they? Where did they come from? What is their back story!? (Not that I need ANY of them, but dang they are cute) and thank you for hanging in there for Sigmar…he is Magnificent Indeed! Busy boy for such an early start. Here’s hoping it gets easier and better for all three of them.


    I have their stories here. But the short of it was that they were born in an outdoor den, three of their littermates died, and when a neighbor was digging them out of the den she used a rake type instrument which caused multiple traumas to their heads. She blamed it on the mother dog so when she asked if I could take the puppies (wounded, dehydrated, sickly) I took them as bottle puppies.

    Poor little Sigmar had the worst of it. And then getting bacterial meningitis on top it was just too cruel.
    I did set up a pitch in for Sigmar because he ended up really blowing any semblance of a rescue budget I had. Totally worth it, of course, but if anyone can help out just a little I would appreciate it.

    They are 8 weeks old, part boxer, part husky, all American mutts. I also have some pictures of their grandma on my blog.

    I love those little puppies; they are so snuggly.

    1. Om my gosh – did she seriously think it wasn’t her fault that this happened? That’s so sad..I am so glad that you were able to help and save them…I have never had to bottle feed 3 little ones at once (puppies that is..kittens no problem…but pups are like babies) – you are to be commended for the hard work.

      I hope they find homes soon. They are cuties and thier background story makes them even more wanted and adoptable! Thank you for sharing the back story with us! Good luck!

  3. The other two puppies were adopted fairly quickly and both into homes that use the veterinary clinic where I work. That has never happened before and it was great to see them for their respective vaccine booster appointments. The female puppy, we found out on exam, is missing the ear canal in her left ear, possibly from her injuries, but it works out great because the little boy in her adoptive family is partially deaf in his left ear and so now they have something in common.

    Little Sigmar the Magnificent has also been adopted by a great family who is understanding of his special needs: my husband and me. He is so bloody cute and I can’t resist smooching him at every turn. Yeah, so he’s got a funky eye and ear and sometimes can’t walk straight but I think he is perfect. He’s a bit of a chomper, though and won’t hold still to be held. After bottle feeding him from a week old, nursing him back from the brink of death from meningitis and promising him I would protect him if he would just get better I wasn’t willing to let him go.

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