4 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. What a beauty! Am happy to report Martha, after 8 long months has finally found a home. The GSP/GWP mix pup with a long tail has found a home on the beach in CA….daily runs, and lots of experience from this owner that has only had white crazy shorthairs for 30 years…LOL

    I hope this darling dog gets a home too!

  2. Man, they’re only open for four hours every weekday MORNING?! No wonder their kill rate is so high.
    Are there rescues in the area that are working with this facility? Is there somebody that could pull Low Rider? Is it a he or a she? Is she spayed or neutered? Where did he come from? What is his story?
    Maybe I’ll try to ask Jones County Animal Control directly! Thanks for sharing.
    And congrats to Martha!!! YEA!

  3. No wonder…I just don’t get it. Could the community not be involved to volunteer for more hours to be open for adoptions? What about the media locally in their area?

  4. There is a group of volunteers that has recently begun working with this pound. Just getting Petfinder listings at all represents progress.

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