Shelter Reform Event on Saturday in Pueblo

In the time since Tonya Barker sent me the information about the PAWS shelter in Pueblo, she has been organizing her shelter reform efforts.  She started off by creating a Facebook page for her group where she can share photos and stories of the dogs she knew at the shelter.  There is also a video which touches upon some of the alleged neglect cases.  And she’s planning a local event for Saturday.  Per Tonya:

I’m having an “Awareness Day” on March 12 in Pueblo. We will meet at City Park (Pueblo Blvd entrance) at 11:30am. We will hand out the information  and people can spread across town. I’m hoping to have people at the dog park, Petsmart, Petco, etc. High traffic areas. I will also include a flyer for people to join the Facebook page.

This is the first step in getting the information out there. I want the community to know what is really going on at PAWS and not just a new shelter going up.  Please be the voice for those who have none, and have been unfairly abused, or just simply been born and end up at PAWS. Be the difference that you want to see in the world. The dogs are counting on you. You are all they have.

Anyone wanting to participate in Saturday’s event can join the group on Facebook for additional details.  Good luck Tonya!

12 thoughts on “Shelter Reform Event on Saturday in Pueblo

  1. Shirley – thanks for sharing.

    Tonya – hoping things are going to go smoothly on Saturday. I know how much you’ve done for these animals and you got the short end of the stick because of PAWS inability to get their act together. We all saw it in their responses to Shirley’s blog about their “shelter”. While I can’t attend I will be there in spirit and praying for a successful day for you & your group. It’s past time for PAWS to change how they’ve been doing things – they lost a great person when they refused to listen to you and you left. Those dogs deserve more than PAWS provides for them…you appear to be the only one who really cares about those dogs…let’s hope the community gets behind you. I imagine you would make one heck of a shelter director….maybe they’ll replaced the entire board and director/staff and start from scratch with the new building. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Good luck, Tonya! The animals are lucky to have you on their side! Hope you get a good turnout on Sat.

  3. Thanks Shirley for posting and to everyone for your support. I’m hoping things good too. Might not ther first time, but I have keep trying. There are will so many dogs that I wanted to help there. If you do know people in Pueblo send out the word:) Thank you!

  4. You’ve got a great day weather-wise. Let us know how it goes! Getting the word out and educating people is key. New leadership and staff will make all the difference in the world.

  5. Unforunately, not much to report. One person did show up, Char and I gave him all the information and were trying to come up with ideas.

    Thank you for all support.

    1. Was so hoping that more people would show up…but like Shirley said – it was one more than you had before.

      Was this advertised on news channels or was it just word of mouth? Just thinking if maybe there was more info out about what is going on and what you are trying to accomplish maybe more would show up. Maybe you can try again next month when the weather should be a lot nicer?

      1. Hi! I created an advent on my facebook page, but I don’t have the extra money to run tv ads or newspaper ads. I had some people line up to help me pass out information to get the ball rolling, but will have to re work the plan. Thinking of sending information to the donars? I’m open to ideas. I sent this packets across the country to Nathan Winograd, Best Friens, Rescue Ink, Betty White and so on. Dogs deserve better did write a letter of support which I included in the new packets Im making, but Shirley is the first one to get the information online, and you can te;l from the responses of the board members what I’m up against and it is a private shelter not a city run (tax dollars) gong to it.

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