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  1. Wow, only 84 percent? With four days of four hour adoptions during working hours? I’d have thought it closer to one hundred percent killed. Honestly, I’d love to give a home to that kitty, she’s beautiful but we’re full up and a bit over. It’s so sad and horrid that the shelter makes it a huge challenge to adopt by limiting hours like that. Reminds me of Berke Breatheds book, where the shelter is open fifteen minutes on alternate thursdays. Don’t let this shelter know about it, I don’t want them to get any more bad ideas.

  2. That is a gorgeous kitty! But no wonder the shelter’s kill rate is so high – open 4 hours 4 mornings a week? How in the world can anyone manage to get over there to adopt a pet?

  3. She is absolutely beautiful and for some reason, isn’t on their Petfinder page. They ‘only’ have 7 animals listed and 3 are seniors. It would be nice to think she was already adopted but only being open 4 hours a day, 4 days a week is disheartening for the animals that need a home.

  4. I have been pulling mainly cats, but some dogs and puppies, from Jones Co AC for several months with a licensed rescue group. Some of the Co Commissioners and Animal Control held a public meeting to discuss going to No Kill. They are trying. They have 1 full time Director/officer to do it all. They are in the office from 8 – 12 but out on calls in the afternoon. Many times they have met people after hours and on weekends to adopt. I am meeting them there Sunday to take 5 puppies to Atlanta.
    Just this week one person brought in 14 cats. Then these beautiful ones were brought in. 2 weeks ago the same thing happened. NONE were put down thanks to rescue groups. The director personally calls rescues for help, she has arranged transfers for numerous animals. The previous director did the same thing. The problem is it is a small county, limited funds and people who refuse to spay/neuter and accept any responsibility. I believe that high percentage has dropped since 2007.

    1. Anne, Great news – thanks for sharing and for saving so many pets. If you have a link to the shelter’s current stats (or could e-mail me a copy of them), I would love to update their numbers.

  5. PS – I took the picture of this precious girl. She WILL be pulled on Monday. I couldn’t take her Wednesday because I took 2 mama cats and 14 kittens. She will be safe.

  6. It’s nice to hear that there are good things happening for the animals and people of this area. And I’m especially happy to know this beautiful cat will be safe.
    Bless you, Anne, for the important work you are doing.

  7. Anne – thank you so much for all you’re doing for the animals, and kudos to Jones County for being willing to work with you and the rescues.

    So wonderful to know this darling kitty is safe!

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