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BJ, submitted by reader Samantha, is not on Petfinder at this time but comes with this description:

BJ is a young neutered male pit bull @ Kingsport TN Animal Shelter. Born at the shelter two years ago. Parents, PEACHES & BRAVO, were seized during a cruelty case. Returned to the shelter with neck wounds which are being treated. He is available for adoption. Please contact the shelter at 423-247-1671

Kingsport Animal Shelter

2141 Idle Hour Road

Kingsport, TN 37660

(423) 247-1671

This shelter’s kill rate is approximately 48%.

11 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

    1. The cause of his neck and ear wounds is unknown, The shelter suspects that a prong collar was used on his neck.

  1. He was adopted and then returned? That looks like an old embedded collar injury (or maybe not so old)–was that why? He looks like a really sweet dog.

    1. He was adopted as a puppy from the shelter two years ago. According to the owner, BJ disappeared a month ago and then showed back up at his house on Sat. The owner surrendered him because he said BJ was aggressive towards his min pin. The shelter has not tested him with small dogs yet.

      He is a very sweet dog, very people oriented. He recognized the shelter staff and seemed relieved to be back with them. He was born and raised at the shelter until he was adopted out at around 8 months old.

  2. I wish I could take him – but I already have one that is highly aggressive with other males…

    How awful that his parents were part of a cruelty case and he began his life in the shelter only to return. Does anyone know if he was also seized due to cruelty because that neck looks like some of the pits that I’ve gotten that had to have chains surgically removed from their necks due to neglect and their neck growing over the chain/collar?

    1. He was not seized. His former owner surrendered him – see my reply to previous question.

    1. He is a full blooded pit bull. Both his parents were pits. He bears a strong resemblance to his father, Bravo, so the shelter named him Bravo, Jr. or BJ.

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