Latest on Chesterfield Co Case

And ain’t none of it good.

  • The rescuer who found out about the dogs being shot at the landfill, dug two of them up and alerted the media says SLED never interviewed her for its investigation.
  • The former inmate who worked at the shelter and says he saw ACOs shoot dozens of shelter pets and bash cats in the head with pipes also reports SLED did not speak with him.
  • Apparently the SC system that licenses ACOs, such as convicted drug felon/shelter director Brian Burch, for the administration of euthanasia drugs is “essentially an honor system” according to Fox Charlotte.  Oops.

13 thoughts on “Latest on Chesterfield Co Case

  1. What in the world is wrong with SLED? I thought that agency had finally outgrown the “good ole boy” system. Here’s hoping our new Attorney General will take some action.

  2. This is an absolute disgrace! Our new Governor promised that she would destroy the old boys network and break up the corruption, well Ms. Haley it doesn’t get any worse than this!! I wonder how much it cost them to get away with this!
    Somebody please check their pockets!

  3. And you believe what a politician says? Generally collective amnesia abounds after taking office. People HAVE been screaming about this. Either SLED is incompetent or no one really cares about this issue. Take your pick.

  4. Sounds like the same investigation experience I had. This really sucks, no human decency-seriously shooting dogs in a landfill is okay? This breaks my heart.

  5. It is a sad, sad day for the animals of Chesterfield County. But, after Sheriff Parker tried to investigate themselves to begin with what more could we expect? Obviously SLED is about as worthless as the ACO’s & Sheriff of Chesterfield County….

  6. According to FOX News Charlotte last night, the SC Atty General is now going to request that SLED do further investigating. Further?? We weren’t aware they’d done any investigating.

    For more info:

    Keep spreading the word. Good work on all the calls that have gong into the State Atty Gen, Gov Nikki Haley & Senator Jim DeMint. They’ve been flooded from all over the country.

    1. GOOD! Glad the AG is doing that – especially as they never tlaked to the rescuers or the prisoner(s) that saw so much of the crap. This is VERY good news!!!

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