Shelter Pets of the Day

It’s a Beagle Bonanza!  (This is what happens when I run out of Shelter Pet of the Day nominations from readers.)  Click on the photo to visit each dog’s page on Petfinder.

#1101359, listed on Petfinder as a Basset Hound mix, this dog looks more Chubby Beagle to me.
#1101048 - This one is listed as a Beagle/Jack Russell mix but he looks pretty Beagley in this photo.
#1101073 - This Beagle was brought in as a stray.
#1101633 - Another Beagle brought in as a stray.
#1101692 - I love this picture! This dog is also listed as a stray.
#1101693 - Listed as 4 year old female, brought in as a stray.

All these Beags are at:

Anderson Co Animal Shelter

615 Highway 28 Bypass
Anderson, SC 29624
Phone: 864-260-4151


This shelter’s kill rate in 2010 was approximately 76%.

Alternatively, anyone wishing to make a whopping monetary donation toward my dream of creating a Beagle sanctuary can send me a huge cardboard check with lots of zeros (but not ALL zeros, you jokesters) and I’ll drive down and pull all these dogs myself!

11 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. It really is a shame that shelters can not click a button to pick a name on petfinder. Studies show that just giving a shelter pet a name and not just a number increases adoptions.

    That is a lot of beagles for one shelter. But then hunting season is over and down here that means hound dumping or shooting time. Cheaper than feeding them until the next hunting season.

    Hope a few of these make it out this shelter alive.

    By the way, may local shelter calls every dog/cat a mix unless it is an owner turn in and the people tell the shelter it is a purebred.

    1. Seriously? I would think that most hunters would want to keep around a dog that they have invested time and training in to stick around so they don’t have to train a new one? Seems kinda ridiculous to me to kill/dump a trained dog…

    2. You can, actually. Petfinder has (or used to have, we use another program now that puts info on Petfinder and other similar sites at the same time, so I don’t use the PF interface anymore) a name generator. It doesn’t always pick the nicest names ever, but it exists. There are also web sites you can go to if you need a quick name generated.

  2. Shirley, as long as MY name doesn’t have to be on the “cardboard check” I’d be MORE than happy to write one out for you. Maybe we’ll make it courtesy of HSUS or PETA in honor of the beagle hunting hertiage???? Now down to business – how many zeros did you want behind that 1????

      1. Are you sure that going to be enough? I mean, they are going to expect you to pay yourself, and you’ll probably want to add in a good pension plan (never to early to plan for retirement)…I just don’t know if that will leave enough for you to purchase the supplies needed to start the rescue. All those kennels you’ll have to build, food you’ll have to purchase, and the other supplies needed to run a rescue. OH wait, you did say AT LEAST in there….

      2. Oh Erica, you are so naive. Of course ALL the money is going to me. The dogs? Hell, I’m just going to farm them out immediately to my “sheltering partners” – that is, anyone who’ll take them off my hands. I don’t care what they do with them. I’ll be too busy counting my zeros.

      3. See – there I go again thinking that someone is going to do the “right” thing! Well, I did say that I would write it courtesy of HSUS OR PETA….maybe they’ll take the doggies off your hands for being a hoarder and farm them out to kill shelters so you won’t have to worry about them anymore. But you can still keep the money – either group has more than enough to get you started paying yourself and letting the dogs die, which they would let happen anyways, so why not fill your pocketbook and to hell with the dogs!

  3. I do have a Beagle and Hound sanctuary – Beags are the best :). LOVE hound-song. I so wish I could write that check! Petfinder does have a random name generator under the name portion of entering a dog. I agree, every animal should have its own name.

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