Snapshots from Memphis

Readers have been sending in screen grabs from the Memphis shelter’s webcams:

This shot appears to show some type of pole being used on a loose cat.
This dog was left unattended for over an hour this morning.
Perhaps he's weighing his chances.
After the dirty kennels were sprayed with the pressure hose, the white dog looks at his bowl of kibble and decides to take a pass.
Loading up the cart - 90 pets were reportedly killed at MAS on Saturday.
Dogs apparently being loaded up for killing on Saturday.
There had been puppies living in these cages last week but all appeared empty on Saturday.
The aftermath.
All gone.

30 thoughts on “Snapshots from Memphis

    1. One thing that can be done is for animal lovers in Memphis to stop enabling those in positions of leadership at this shelter by defending their practices. If area advocates would stand together and demand an end to the killing, perhaps real change could be brought about (not like the faux change that occurred after the last director and vet were caught starving dogs to death and charged with cruelty).

      1. Is there a facebook group for this? Where are the Memphis animal lovers? They have to be out there. We need to ban together and demand change out of these BS southern shelters. RIDICULOUS. I just checked the site and I swear every cage is empty.

      2. I e-mailed info@ that website but didn’t get a reply. No luck finding them on FB either. I wonder if they got discouraged and gave up? Looks like website last updated in Jan.

        Noticed one person posting no-kill info on the Friends of Memphis Animal Shelter FB page–but I just couldn’t read his posts fast enough to keep ahead of whoever was deleting them! Unbelievable.

        This place sickens me.

      3. For reals? The “Friends” FB group is so opposed to no kill they won’t even allow anyone to post information about it on their page? Wow. Kool-Aid. Drunk.

      4. They erased every post he put up inviting them to learn about no-kill, outlining the no-kill equation, a link to the no-kill advocacy center’s page on FB–all gone. They told the poster their page wasn’t a “discussion board” and to stop posting–and then–poof! All gone. While I was reading! He was calm, rational and polite–but they told him to get “off his soapbox.” Mass delusion is a scary scary thing.

  1. I clicked on the link in the blog and this came up:
    If you have any comments or concerns regarding Shelter Operations,
    pleaseclick here to email the Memphis Animal Services Board or
    call (901) 576-6500.

    Has anyone called or emailed?

  2. I find it telling that *no* shelter in Tennessee is competing in the first heat of the 2011 ASPCA Challenge. My own little Massachusetts has four shelters who are at least willing to *consider* the possibility of saving more lives.

    1. You are surprised? I live in the north (WI) but have been down south (NC) several times and it is a whole different world. What a shame! I hope I live to see the day when this madness comes to an end.

      1. I don’t know that it is so much a north/south issue as it about leadership. There are plenty of Southern shelters in the ASPCA’s first heat (Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas). What do we need to do to empower leaders in those areas like Memphis where the solution to a problem that was made much worse by antiquated cleaning protocols is to just kill some more? It can (and does) happen in the north but more voices seem to speak out in opposition here.

  3. Ok, what the hell. Even with cameras on these people are doing this kind of half-assed crap? Do they seriously have no CLUE what they’re doing wrong? No wonder they get all whiny when people criticize them — they honestly must have no idea how to properly care for and board animals. They’re amazed that anyone would expect better of them. And that’s just pathetic.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. We are really left with no other conclusion then they really have no clue what their doing is wrong. I guess we do need to keep in mind that considering how antiquated the south is with their views on animals, we shouldn’t be too surprised by how they treat them. I think it’s going to take for the north to stand up and say he aren’t taking this BS anymore and go down there and set things in motion for change just like we had to do once before in history.

      1. It just boggles me that people who clearly have no idea how to properly care for animals are put in charge of running an -animal shelter-. The manager doesn’t know, the staff doesn’t know… what a miserable failure on multiple levels.

  4. CFSA Says:
    March 28, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Is there a facebook group for this? Where are the Memphis animal lovers?

    Anyone in Memphis interested in putting together a FB group for creating shelter reform and/or no kill in Memphis? It seems as if the No Kill Memphis website may be on hiatus.

  5. Typical day at most of our shelters. Less animals, less poop, less pee, less vomit, less feedings, less cleaning and laundry = less work to do, more smoke breaks and lists go on. I was a volunteer at our local shelter and never saw all the kennels full the whole time I volunteered there. Day after day the killings continue. I would get the evil eye from the kennel techs when I would get a box on dog biscuits and feed them a treat. One of the techs said,”I hope you’re going to clean up the dog s..t after feeding them those things”. Then he said he was just kidding. I knew he wasn’t kidding. Until there is new leadership there, I can’t go back.

  6. These pictures speak for themselves…hopefully the silence of the EMPTY CAGES will be like driving a wedge into their wee-tiny brains.

  7. To see this and not be able to do anything about it is heart-breaking. C’mon, Memphis animal lovers, get this stopped. We out-of-staters can only do so much.

    Those poor animals . . .


  9. So sad. I am from the deep south and love animals and there are other people down here that care a lot too, but maybe there are too few of us? Or maybe the numbers of animals entering the shelters and on the streets are too overwhelming so many rescuers think killing is the only choice. I don’t think the general public has a clue about the amount of animals being killed in their animal shelters.

    1. I tend to agree with you – if the general public had a clue maybe THEN there would be more locals vocalizing their opinions at what is taking place. I notice that the supporters of MAS are silent now. Have they FINALLY gotten it? Do they FINALLY see what the problem is? One can ONLY hope….

      The media needs to pick this story up and drive it into the ground! The town management needs to be made totally aware of the poor cleaning protocols, failure to vaccinate, and the needless killings that have been taking place…and will continue as long as Pepper is left in charge.

      WHEN will the insanity end? If Robeson can be under quarantine and then once they reopen go public and get all the dogs saved then I KNOW that the same could’ve been done here. This shows a complete lack of caring on the part of EVERYONE involved…employees as well as volunteers. IF the volunteers and employees care so damn much then they need to stop making excuses and start DOING something! Arguing about “how much better things have become with Pepper in the position of director” is a complete pile of BS…I think I need to put on some boots to deal with the BS we’re wading through with this “shelter”. In fact, maybe they should change their name from Memphis Animal Services to Memphis Animal Killing Services!

  10. Hello all. I am a Memphis animal lover and I am horrified at what is going on at MAS. I just watched some girl in the lobby turn in the cutest yellow dog that will be dragged off to god knows where to be killed. I just don’t understand this mentality. Our “shelter” has been a killing field forever. I swear to god they have killed every single dog at that shelter today. Nobody knows how to stop it. Even the “isolation” area is empty.

  11. Matthew Pepper does not return phone calls and is apparently not interested in alternate methods to help save the lives of the animals at MAS. FOMAS on FB are wonderful volunteers but unfortunately they don’t have any power over decisions made by the shelter.

  12. Pepper is being interviewed on camera at the shelter right now. You can see it on their webcams.

      1. Me, too. I thought E. Alexander was bad…..good grief. They just need to totally clean house. Get rid of that awful Dr. Coleman, get a new shelter director who does not don a dog suit for publicity and freaking do something about the HUGE number of animals that are being slaughtered at that shelter.

  13. FYI, your screen grab that states “There had been puppies living in these cages last week but all appeared empty on Saturday.” is actually a feline area, it’s printed on the grabbed screenshot.

    And also for the record, I live in Memphis,have three rescues of my own, vounteer various places and this just breaks my heart. I am planning on going to the Memphis Animal advisory council meeting in a few weeks just to hear comments for myself.

    1. Laura, I know it says Feline Area and I also know it says there were puppies living in those cages. I saw them there, as did everyone else who looked at the shelter cams last week. In fact, there were new dogs living in those cages this week but they are now gone too.

      I’m glad to hear you will be attending the council meeting.

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