6 thoughts on “The Irresponsible Public, MAS Edition

  1. Why does this not surprise me. I hope he was able to make a break for it and get the hell out of there!!

  2. I don’t believe this is the first time we’ve seen an animal “wandering” when everyone is gone…wasn’t there a little dog not too long ago that was doing the same thing? Or was that the one that was wandering around in the kitty room during hours? So many screw ups in such a short time I think I’m getting confused! Maybe this is one that they thought they had killed and the blue juice didn’t ‘work’ right? Regardless, nothing is surprising me about MAS any longer. I do NOT expect them to do anything right…and don’t think ANY animal should have to go to this joke of a ‘shelter’….

    1. agreed…and Erica, the really sad part is that it is no JOKE…although this little guy looks reasonable happy and safe, he’s probably dead now, and the way he got there was most likely without a lot of love and cuddling.
      It’s just WRONG WRONG WRONG on every level.
      I’m so glad my dogs are safe, and our municipal facility is so much better than this! (Although they are not perfect by any means…)

      1. I know what you mean LynnO…my local “pound” does a better job than this – may not be great but they at least TRY. And you are right it is sad – this isn’t a joke…but the shelter is a far cry from what anyone would call humane.

        My *only* issue with my local “pound” has been in labeling dogs as pits when they clearly aren’t…but for them that’s their ‘easy out’ when it comes to euth time. Although they are getting better and starting to use the “mix” breed card more often to save some of the pit type dogs…just depends on which ACO’s are working which days. We have one gal who’s got a personal vendetta against pit type dogs and would LOVE to see each and every one of them killed the instant they walked through the door. I’ve had more than a few run ins with her than I care to admit…but the day she pushed me too far I stopped backing down, stood MY ground, and told her that I was onto her and that if she tried anything else that I would guarantee a big stink…her boss won’t even let her come to my house to do pick ups any longer. (After she tried to force her way into my house to try and confiscate a rescue dog that I was in the process of working with and had yet to file for a dog license as I was waiting on the appointment to get his rabies vac done.)

        Sadly, MAS doesn’t have the same caring leadership that I have witnessed at many other places….yet, at the same time I see other places just as bad as MAS (some worse). And it’s not like there is a boundary line drawn between the good ones and the bad ones…they are inter mixed throughout the US.

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