One thought on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Good news! Received this note about Raven, sharing with permission:

    The neutered male black cat that was featured on your website on 5 April 2011 was taken by a local humane organization. He was not posted on our Petfinder site because he was on hold the for group to pick up. He had been locked in an foreclosed home for approximately 2 weeks before someone called us about him. We were able to get him out of the house and wonder of wonders, he was microchipped.

    The owner was, of course, the person who had lived in the house and has moved on to parts unknown. We were able to trace his microchip back to the vet who implanted it, however, he had never done anything other than microchip him and treat Raven for a hematoma in his ear. The hematoma left the ear caulifloured, as you can tell from his photo. We put out a mass rescue post about Raven, which is where, I assume Valerie, obtained his photo. One of the rescues that we contacted thankfully stepped up to the plate for him. He’s been on hold at the shelter waiting until the group had space available to take him in their program. He has been picked up, is safe, happy and hopefully will be adopted by a new family soon!

    Gerri A. Yoder
    Director, Henry County Animal Care and Control
    McDonough, Georgia

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