MAS: Wag the Dog

A "Friends" volunteer says "They’re not taking a lot of tail-wagging dogs back to euthanasia”. So noted.

In fairness, I should point out that MAS killed a bunch of dogs who were not waggy-tailed yesterday too.

"If there's any trouble, you've got my back, right?"
Resistance is futile.
Last walk.
"What's happening?"
Doesn't want to go.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

If you are in Memphis, take action.

8 thoughts on “MAS: Wag the Dog

  1. Sounds like these dogs would be better off with no friends than ones like these. Don’t they know that it doesn’t have to be this way?

    When is the killing to end? Where are the mad citizens? Can this situation get any sadder?

  2. A lot of the citizens who would be mad are listening to the total rubbish being spouted to assuage things by Friends of MAS!!!

    1. One of the volunteers at the Memphis Animal Shelter is named Eleanor Gipson. She is also one of the administrators on the Friends of the Memphis Animal Shelter (FMAS) website. Eleanor Gipson went to the office of a person who had posted what she considered a “negative” comment on the FMAS Facebook site. Eleanor found out where this person worked and went “ranting” into their office and talked to this person’s BOSS and got them into trouble. This is the caliber of SOME of the people who are volunteers associated with the “Friends of the Memphis Animal Shelter”. With “Friends” like that, who needs enemies. The rules for a volunteer at the MAS clearly state the do’s and dont’s associated with being a volunteer and this clearly is forbidden, but guess what, ELEANOR IS STILL THERE!

  3. You don’t need to be in Memphis to take action. Let Memphis know the world is watching this travesty, and will continue to watch and pay attention until it is rectified. Letters to MAS Board, to city councillors, mayor…everyone. It is not their dirty little secret. I’m from Vancouver Canada (Global outcry about the Whistler Sled Dog massacre led to major changes to our cruelty act), and public pressure on a large scale, especially outside of your city can work.

  4. Believe me, one thing that is a certainty. The MAS Board is the ONLY group who has consistently been trying to bring about change at MAS.

    Month after month, they (well three of them) bring documentation by the armful to the meetings and try to get answers. The MAS Administrator and the Memphis Administration treats them with the same decency they use on the animals.

    The Board will be thankful for your support.

    There are many citizens who attend the meeting when something bad happens at MAS but then they disappear the next meeting.

    There is a core group of 4 of us who attend every meeting.

    We would love to have some company.

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