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Submitted by reader Morgana, these two were surrendered by their owner to the Rutherford Co Animal Shelter in NC in February.  Rescuers had them treated for heartworm and they are currently in boarding.  These two seniors need to be adopted together as they are bonded.  Transport can be arranged.

The contact person is Diane Cartwright:

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  1. I sure hope someone here can step up for them! We are so full, we are trying to get them adopted out together without coming here as an in-between, as we are overloaded. We won’t let them die, but come on rescue friends…lend a paw please!

  2. Baby and Little Bit got dropped off at the shelter in February by their guardian. A little group of us senior dog lovers spontaneously came together to rescue them and pulled them when they had 2 hours left before being killed for space – a close, desperate call! We made a plan for them, and stood by them for all the heart worm treatment and boarding. They have now been out of the shelter for more than a month and a half, all vetted up and ready to go.

    The unanimous comment from Christine, who meets all the dogs in the shelter to take their pictures, and from their 6 week tour of vets and boarding alike: These are very sweet dogs!

    We call them ‘fluffy’, not fat, but they do weigh in around the comfy 60 lb. mark.

  3. PS, Baby and Little Bit are spayed and may be mother and daughter or sisters, we think.

  4. We will not let anything happen to them, but as I stated before, we are so full, it would be a real financial strain to bring them in….come on now, sisters and brothers, someone step up please! I hate the idea of them boarding forever. Diane, thank you SO much for stepping up this far. You know as soon as I can, if I can, they can come here. BUT I am hoping for an adoption through this blog…

  5. Baby would be about 20 or so inches at the shoulder, sort of knee-high plus a bit, and Little Bit is quite a stubby dog, shorter than Baby. Maybe Lori at Pet Tender Angels, where they are boarding, can go up with a measuring tape and if so, I’ll report back with scientific accuracy…

  6. Lori Jewell, who is boarding them, adds: “They are 18 inches…. very , very sweet…but really need to be in a home…they most definitely were people dogs as they cry when you leave their site…. it is quite sad…so where ever they go..they need to be together and with people!! Hope that helps!”

  7. If we can even find a foster, anywhere, as transport will be arranged, we have to get them out of boarding ASAP. One more week and then they have to move on. So much space needed where they are boarding as Lori (Pet Tender Angels) helps so many shelter dogs in their process of rescue.

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