Shelter Pets of the Day

Mama dog with her litter of baby pups at MAS.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

When calling the shelter regarding this family, ask for Tracy Dunlap.  Mama dog’s ID # is A224773, kennel # 526.

This shelter’s kill rate is 77%.

34 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. FYI – Beverley (the previous shelter pet) is still available. She was on the kill list for today (Thursday) but was not killed. However, she is on the list for Friday. Please, if you can pull her from the ACC in New York, do it!

    The mama and babies are beautiful. I pray that someone will pull all of them before she goes to the kill room.

  2. Oh, I want them. I want them ALL. And Beverly too.
    Is it a blessing or a curse that I live in Interior Alaska?!
    p.s. If MAS kills 77% of the pets in their care, does that mean they’ll kill all but one or two of the pups? Or will they save the mom and send her out intact so she can make MORE puppies before she comes back?

  3. The breeder in me wants to drive down there and scrub that floor. ugh – it’s gross. She has to potty on that floor and then get back in the box to feed her babies. I hope they are giving her extra food. Those pups look fat and sassy but mama looks thin in this photo.

    1. Shirley – I’m NOT even a breeder and I want to go scrub thoe floors!…and the walls! Do these people seriously NEVER clean the place? Because that is EXACTLY what this looks like…I want to go in there and scrub…and then paint. I hope that Pepper DOES realize that if he NEVER TRAINS his employees how to clean properly that this is going to follow them wherever they go??? The new place will look just like this is a few years if they can’t handle the upkeep.

      Makes me think of the psoter a few days ago that made some comment about “Go there and teach them HOW.” I KNOW it’s their job and they are being paid and all that crap – but it seriously looks like they do NOT know how to clean. Sure hope their homes don’t appear in the same light as the shelter they are PAID to clean!

      I am going to talk to a few rescues here in OH and see if we can’t get her and those babies out of there. I have an owner going back and forth on if she’s keeping her dog or maybe I could keep those cuties until they are ready to go to their forever homes. Haven’t had puppies in the house for a long LONG time. Might be fun!

      At least they let her have those babies…is she on a kill list? Or is she going to be put on one? Do we know? I don’t want to see her being pulled down the walkway with someone dragging the box behind them to that kill room…such a sweet face. I guess with the 77% kill rate (and with her being a “pit-type”) we should just expect that they will…so sad.

  4. Not even a blanket. Just some newspaper in a dirty box. Nothing to make her more comfortable. Sent her info to half a dozen pit rescues. Does she even have a chance? Probably not but had to try. Poor sweet girl. Hope she can be happy for a little while with her little family in that box.

  5. Sent the following message and the photo to all contacts on your email letter campaign list. Let them all see the beautiful, innocent face of the dogs that deserve a chance:

    Please do not allow Pepper and his murderous crew to kill this beautiful mother dog and her puppies. Contact every rescue organization in your state and don’t stop until you find a suitable one that is able to take this dog and puppies.

    Use this poor dog’s plight to make a very small start to repairing the horrific killing record of Matthew Pepper and his incompetent staff, and the damage they have done to the reputation of your city.

    She is looking you straight in the eye and asking you to do the right thing. The eyes of the world are watching too.

  6. Bully Paws will be posting her to their contacts in TN and everywhere and putting her on their FB page. They said she has broken their hearts. Everyone, please help get the word out about this little pit family.

    @Scarlett, great message–hope everyone will see it and post it! Thanks.

    1. Thanks to Bully Paws for helping spread the word. The more we can get the photo on the major social networking sites, the better. More eyeballs mean more potential assistance.

  7. Dear God. That breaks my heart. If I didnt already have four dogs and two kids at my house I’d take her home in a heartbeat. I just wish I had a place to put her. Someone please, please, please help this girl. :( Off to cry now.

    1. @Hardin County Pit Bull Rescue–thanks so much for this wonderful offer! If you go down I-30, it’s about a 9 hr. trip–so it’s a long one. Might be best to use experienced volunteer transporters rather than a paid transporter unless you know the person and can be SURE they will take good care of mama and puppies and not just leave them unattended in the back of a van for 9 hrs. I would be happy to post for transport help on the On the Road Again (OTRA) moderators board–just say the word. Mama and pups will need a travel crate and she will need a health certificate to cross state lines. So there are some expenses involved even with vol transport.
      Thanks again!

  8. If the TX doesnt work out, I have found someone willing to take her in Nashville – I might need help arranging transport but surely we can make this happen for one of these groups to get her. Working on getting more details from my contact.

  9. @ramblinrose–going to Nashville would be a lot easier on the mama and pups. It’s stressful enough just to transport locally but 9 hrs. to TX is really pushing it. Greg is very good but not even sure if he can make the trip–still waiting to hear back from him. A TN rescue would be better as long as they’re experienced with pitties.

    1. I will keep yall posted. A friend who has two rescued pits (who are big babies LOL) in San Francisco of all places has rescue contacts all over, and she’s contacted someone in Nashville who said they could foster, and they are contacting the shelter. Hopefuly we can work this out, I agree it’d be a heck of a lot easier. Fingers crossed!!!

  10. Fingers crossed here, too! A foster would be great.
    Even better if a rescue can back them up and help with placing the puppies and vetting.

  11. Do we have to do something to let MAS know that we’re putting plans in place for her and the pups? Keeping my fingers crossed (and will also donate for expenses if necessary).

    1. Thanks again for being willing to help these dogs!
      Greg from Rescue Road Trips said he couldn’t take puppies that young–they have to have 3 sets of puppy shots first. So that wouldn’t have worked out. And he doesn’t know anyone else who goes to TX from the Southeast (I don’t either). But I really appreciate it that you cared about them!

  12. As of 2:45 p.m. today, Mom and puppies were taken to a vet’s office in downtown Memphis. They will be boarded until more plans can be worked out. Mom is a sweetheart!!!! A tiny girl, about 30 lbs. Puppies are so precious. I will update as I get more information. Thank you Shirley for the post and thank all of you for caring. ~Donna

      1. YOU are awesome! Thank you! And if you need financial assistance- please post here where to donate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Donna – Thank you for saving this family! I would like to cover a couple days of the boarding. Not much I know… Tell me where to send the check.

    2. Well,just YAY! I’ll bet you guys got a lot of e-mail pleas about this little family–mine was in there somewhere. THANKS SO MUCH!

  13. Tears and smiles! I am delighted that this little family is out of MAS and safe. I’ll be watching for how to help financially. God bless all of you who worked on keeping them alive and on their way to a new home.

  14. What a GREAT way to start MY day!!! I also hope this shows MAS – that there REALLY are caring people across the country that are willing to step up and help IF they only make us aware of it!

    So happy – that 2 families have been saved from MAS in one weeks time – just by US working together to see that it happens. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!

    And, yes – please DO let us know when/where we can send some $ to help with costs…I’ll set aside some grocery money for next week to send a little in. I am amazed at the mountains we can move when working TOGETHER and hope that MAS/Pepper can take a few things from our actions and see that it is INDEED possible to save lives with networking! (Thanks to Shirley for sticking with this!)

  15. The mom and puppies will be going to the rescue named below on April 27th. For those of you who have contacted me about donating, please see the information below. Vetting momma and four puppies will be expensive. Thank you for your help.

    Homeless Animal Rescue Team
    Plainfield, Illinois
    click on donations tab, can do paypal or click continue without paypal to use credit/debit card is the paypal address

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