5 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in Memphis

  1. Maybe the poke stick wouldn’t get it to budge? Quitting time hit and they gave up, clocked out, went home. But, please remember…these are just a snapshot in time, if you will. A short moment – AND – we do not know what occurred either the moment BEFORE or AFTER those webshots were taken.

    GAG! I don’t think I hit my head hard enough into that brick wall. Can someone pinch me, please? I think I’m imagining things now!

  2. They don’t even have the decency to cover the (may be) feral cat in the trap. These cats are terrified when they are trapped especially ferals.

  3. the cat left in the cage all night with no food, water, litter box or bedding! That is animal cruelty in a “shelter” How fn disgusting!

  4. This endless series of brutal acts is just unbearable. Leaving the cat there all night, just for one, what is wrong with these people? I need a job myself, I understand doing things you might not be proud of to feed your family but there is a line. I can’t imagine sinking to this, I hope I never find myself in that position. The terrified posture of that dog will stick with me for a long time, so pitiful. Ugh, I’m glad you are getting this information out, I hope it helps these animals.

  5. Another day -more horrors for the animals.

    Had trouble sleeping last night, thinking about these precious animals . . . and wondered about the Memphis Chamber of Commerce. Can’t imagine they are happy to hear that the MAS is giving such a horrid impression of the city and the people who live there. Maybe it’s time to hit the business (think $$$$) community.


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