5 thoughts on “Memphis Animal Services: Kind of a Drag

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier for all if they would crate the animals and use a wagon to bring them to wherever? Specially since they don’t seem to want to touch them.

    Crate and wagon would be less stressful on the animals and wouldn’t get so many people mad that watch the shelter cams.

  2. Do they just pull people off the street and say, “This is how you use a choke pole.” and then leave them to their own devices? Why do these PAID people seem to have ZERO SKILLS when it comes to animal handling techniques?

    Good staff training there Mr. Pepper. But I’m sure the new facility will fix this too, right?

  3. How do we stop this insanity? And they know there are webcams showing the world what they are doing! It’s beyond comprehension!!!

    1. We are trying desperately to do something about this hell hole! We appreciate all the support we get from people on this site, from our adopters, sponsors, donors and anyone who is willing to educate the public about what goes on at MAS. Some days I feel very depressed because I’m not sure that any of our efforts make any difference. But every time an animal we rescued from MAS finds a loving home, I know that all the heartbreak is worthwhile.

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