MAS: Who Let the Dogs Out?

7:30 a.m. and no one has turned on the lights in the cat room yet. A couple of pups decide to bail.
The pair of pups look around the cat room.
This dog pushed his mounted food bowl out and then squeezed through the opening.
Another cage door left open in the cat room. Kitty decides to check things out.
And off she goes.
Anybody here have rabies? Just checking.

Now everyone remember: It’s the public who is irresponsible and negligent in their duties to prevent the spread of disease.

16 thoughts on “MAS: Who Let the Dogs Out?

    1. Possibly. I honestly can’t figure out how that would work. Unless perhaps they leave doors to the outside propped open? I wouldn’t think they would do that but I don’t know how else a pet at a shelter could get lost.

  1. As long as the animal is safe all power to them. My Sheba was an escape artist from the Miami Dade Animal Services. According to Sheba’s rescuer this Carolina Dog raced out the front door & into the parkinglot.

    1. That’s a PLUS…in the long stream of BS and killing – at least they are posting more animals up for adoption. Still not enough…but it’s a beginning.

      As for all the escape artists…some of those dogs look like pits – which are VERY smart dogs and I would expect nothing less than just what we’re seeing – if they don’t have toys in the kennels to occupy their minds these dogs will invent a way…just like pushing their food mounted bowls out of the way and slithering through openings. As for the kitty room – AGAIN we have dogs mixed in with kitties..not good – but also the fact that they got out of their cage and could have gotten hurt getting down, I can’t imagine how stressed out some of those cats were because of the dogs in the room – let alone them ‘checking out’ their cage roomies!

      Pepper can keep pulling the ‘snapshot’ in time crap – but these ‘snapshots’ are showing that the employees are failing to latch cages properly and not going their jobs right!

  2. I know another reason animals are listed as “LOST” on their end of year reports-in one of our open admission county shelters there have been incidences of employees and/or volunteers who have given (mostly) dogs to their friends waiting in parked cars or who drive up to a back or side entrance. There are rumors that these animals have been “sold” to these individuals. I have not seen it myself nor do I have evidence of this so I cannot and will not officially say that it is true. I hope it is not so as the frightened animals there have at that point been through hell imo.

  3. This is crazy and continues everyday. This has got to be stopped. Support change how you can by email , letter or if you live in the area go to the meetings.

  4. I’ll admit it, I let the dogs out, and the cat. I was remiss in my duties as a citizen of Memphis, oh wait, I live in Collierville. Well, it’s probably my fault anyway because nobody at the pound can do anything wrong.

      1. And mine, though I live in NYS. Haha – we’re ALL responsible for what Matt Pepper allows to go on in his shelter. Let’s fire ourselves…!

  5. Scarlett:
    So, now we have 20 animals on PF??? So, how HARD was that to do? Why not sooner? At any rate, at least they are listed. Please, those of you who live down there and can pull, get them out and contact the rescuers here!!! Now, if the petition can stop the killing and get EVERY animal posted, we will have accomplished something, although not enough still – MEMPHIS GO NO KILL!

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