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Submitted by Donna from Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue, both these dogs are reportedly vetted, neutered and in need of rescue from MAS today as they are coughing/sneezing.

ID #224829 "Spayed female, 1.5 years old. Sterilized on 04.20.11 in cage 900 O.S.12"
ID #224910 "Spayed female, 6 mos old. Sterilized on 04.19.11 in cage 900 O.S. 13"
If I was in Memphis, I would seriously, for reals, run – not walk – down to the shelter and grab up that little Beagley type dog myself.  That one gots the irresistables – big time.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

This shelter’s kill rate is 77%.

25 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. uh oh. coughing, sneezing.. i hope they dont take this as a sign to mass-kill all the animals again. sigh.

    I’d go get them both if I had space. Cuties. I love that black one.

  2. I have a picture I think you’d like to see. Do you have an email address I could send it to?

    1. Try posting a foster request online on any of pet e-groups for this area. Also try running some free ads on craigslist and ebay ads.

      Ask a local rescuer to help you screen people for the foster home. Hope you find help and save one of these dogs.

    2. I think whoever pulls would need to get the dog(s) to the vet for antibiotics. The vet won’t issue the health certificate needed for transport if they are sick. Assuming that hurdle can be cleared, anyone know of any transports that regularly run out of or through Memphis?

  3. Oh my stars. Both these babies are beautiful and deserving of forever homes. But if someone could save that hound dog I will send you money to keep it fed for a month. Please please please.

  4. I really wish I could take both of them, especially the 2nd one- hes only 6 months! :( I saw another dog online today tha was only 5 months that I wanted to save. *Sigh* these pics just break my heart too much.

  5. I’ll follow Sarah’s lead, if someone can rescue the black dog I’ll send you some cans of dog food.

  6. I totally get that no single person or rescue group can save every pet at every kill shelter in the country. I understand the frustration that comes with remaining in continual crisis-scramble mode because the people we pay to protect our community’s pets won’t do their jobs. And I know there is a real danger for some rescuers to take on more than they can handle simply because the idea of needless killing becomes overwhelming. We all have to remain vigilant that we can be effective as rescuers (and donors and transporters, etc.) by not burning ourselves out.

    Having said all of that, and understanding that I loathe the idea of ANY pets being needlessly killed – I don’t want that little Beagley dog to be killed over a cold. Is there ANY way we can save this one? From the information I received, it sounds as if both of these dogs are on the kill list for today.

  7. It can be overwhelming. Praying that they are both spared and find forever homes here on earth. I love the black one – what a beautiful dog.

    1. What would be most helpful, is if someone would invent a transporter (a la Star Trek) so if we fell in love with an online photo of a pet we just HAD TO save, we wouldn’t have to worry over all the logistics. Just “energize” and voila!

      So somebody get on that.

  8. If someone could pull and get to the vet, then….but being so far away is arguably VERY frustrating, and if we don’t do SOMETHING, Pepper gets what he wants – and a way to say “see, nobody wants to help”!!!! ARRRRGH,

    1. People WANT to help, but it’s hard being out of state and not knowing what to do in such a short window of time. But I’m still hoping. Please keep sharing these guys everyone.

  9. PLEASE let’s save their lives….someone go get them! I am approaching rescue fatigue….

  10. I know from reading Facebook, a whole bunch of dogs will be killed tonight because of showing signs of illness( coughing) They only have until seven. It is awful and remnicient of the disaster a few months ago.

    1. Jennifer,

      From what I understand, the shelter sent out an e-mail to rescuers at 1pm with a list of 7 dogs on it, indicating they should contact the shelter by 3pm if they can take any of the dogs. The two featured in this post are not included in that e-mail AFAIK. So that makes 9 sneezing/coughing dogs that we know of. I just wonder if they couldn’t be put on meds and treated until they get over their colds.

  11. A friend of mine told me that the 2 dogs are being rescued this afternoon- going to the vet and ending up in a wonderful foster home, after treatment! Now we have to work on the other 7 that may not be so lucky.

    1. Seriously Beth? If that’s accurate, I would like to kiss someone. Or at least put a link to their group on the blog for donations. Please share the name of the rescue. And yes, let’s see what we can do for those other 7!

      1. It IS true! It is a woman who heard about these 2 dogs plight and stepped up! She may need help financially if the dogs are really sick – we should know later today- will keep you all posted. The animal lovers networking, here in Memphis, is absolutely wonderful!

      2. The 2 dogs went to the vet and he put them on antibiotics and said they should be fine…..the flat coat retriever, though, has a fever…..the little one was sleeping quite comfortably on new mom’s bed, last I heard. Will keep you posted, as I hear more. Thank you all for caring so much about what happens in this embarrassing town, Memphis!

      3. Well it certainly sounds like a step up from sleeping outside in severe weather like they were at the shelter! Hope they get back to normal ASAP.

  12. I’ll kiss them too! Who are the other 7 dogs? And why the HELL can’t they just put the dogs on meds in iso, per the VET, and watch their signs…could just be kennel cough. Where is the VET’S opinion?????

    1. This is the info on the other 7 dogs:

      225009 – Fox Terrier Wire Haired/Toy Fox Terrier mix, 3 yr old, Female, Tan, been on adoption floor since 04.20.11.

      224883 – Lab, 3 mo old, female, black/white, Owner Surrender on 04.12.11, been on adoption floor since 04.13.11

      224882 – lab, 3 mo old, female, brown/white, Owner Surrender on 04.12.11, been on adoption floor since 04.13.11

      225072 – lab, 6 mo old, male, black, Stray out on 04.21.11, been on adoption floor since 04.22.11

      225071 – Cocker Spaniel, “J.J.”, Neutered male, 5 yr old, Owner Surrender on 04.15.11, HW+, microchipped at shelter

      225237 – Cocker Spaniel, Abby”, Spayed Female, 3 yr old, white/tan, Owner Surrender on 04.21.11, HW+, microchipped at shelter

      225204 – Germ.Shepherd mix, 4 mo old, female, brown/white, stray out on 04.27.11, been on adoption floor since 04.28.11

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