Snapshots from MAS

Second before, second after, blah – the usual cautions…

Adopt a shelter Pet! *yank*

Incoming dog, apparently injured and unable to walk - broken leg? Something else?
Injured dog taken straight to the kill room.
Another dog on a cart taken to the kill room.
Scared pup on a chokepole.
Civil disobedience.
Incoming dog gets dragged around the shelter while the ACO looks for an open spot.
Does not want to be here.
Same dog as previous shot, 15 seconds later. Pancaked.

18 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

    1. This is so true The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated that is why some of ue people are trying to chance it. And treat our animals with LOVE AND KINDNESS, and give them LOVING and CAREING FOREVER HOMES.

  1. C’mon fol;ks the petition is sooo close, send it out again and let’s get those 5000 sig’s!

    As for the above? Same shit different day, although at least now they are not skulking around the sides, staying out of camera range. That second dog looked dead already. No? IT HAS TO STOP. NOW.

  2. And why doesn’t a rescue get the chance to take those injured and get them vetting? Or was the Rottie already dead too? Some strong questions these.

    1. I wondered the same thing, Morgana! The Memphis Humane Society only takes in injured pets- you would think the first phone call would be to MHS to help get the injured pet to their facility. Oh, wait- I was mistaking those at MAS as compassionate, caring individuals- my bad – never mind……..

  3. You know I’m sorry, but does anyone in that shelter like animals just a tiny bit…??? This is soooooooo
    sick. I’m thinking of taking a week off to fly down
    there, probably nothing I could do anyway. I would love to be able to bring my own choke chain and use it on a few of the people in the pictures….

    1. Donna, I agree with you I dont think anyone at that shelter likes animals. We simply keep seeing these horrible abuse pictures every day. Dont worry about the choke chain lets put them on the trolley and head to the Kill room!

  4. More shocking photos! I have messaged the mayor through the council website and on his facebook page with no response so he is as much a part of this as these people, is he too gutless to STOP this or does he simply not care!!! It is so frustrating being so far away and not being able to help!

  5. More dogs… 34 to be killed because of cough if not picked up by five. People who work asked for a time extension… and were told no. They will die by five. I feel sick. They did not even make an effort. The news of the sick animals was only released at one today.

    1. If 34 dogs are to be killed today and 9 were to have been killed yesterday (were it not for rescuers scrambling at the last minute), this sounds like some kind of serious outbreak. So WHY is the shelter planning to bring dogs to a sporting event tomorrow where the general public will have their own dogs? Hullo?!

  6. Lunatics have taken over the asylum. I teach the youth of this city. Ignorance is very apparent in this town.

  7. Ugh..more disturbing photos…Im also numb to them at this point.. And they only have until 5 to get the dogs?! When they dont even give enough notice to begin with?! Most shelters Ive heard of will let you hold animals until 7 and sometimes if you call the next morning before they are to be euthanized then they will hold them then too. I agree with the sentiment that MAS just enjoys killing period, doesnt matter what you do.

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