18 thoughts on “Things Puppy Shoulders are Good for

  1. It’s evident that these workers don’t give a crap how they treat the animals. They must know they are on camera, but that doesn’t seem to stop them. When I know I’m on camera, I don’t dare scratch my nose.

    Are there ever any pictures of the workers treating these animals with the kindness they deserve?

    1. Is this the same Heather who has come to MAS’s defense over and over again?What’s up? Finally saw the light?!

      1. Sure isn’t! I’m a proud MAS volunteer. This blog is the last thing in the world that could ever change that.

      2. I’m the Heather that posted the response at 12:34 p.m. I’ll have to come up with a more unique name so as not to be confused. I’m not sure I could come up with any defense for what I’ve seen in some of these pictures.

      3. Well the other Heather said yesterday she was leaving us after we debunked that yarn about how the garbage can family was alive and well in cage 28/29 at MAS. But I see today she’s back. Yay.

      4. Heather 12:34 – there is absolutely no defense for the inhumane treatement of the animals at MAS! Thanks for coming on board here and sharing your thoughts! You appear to be wise to what is going on.

    2. I actually saw one photo of a kind and caring ACO with a kitten. It’s on the Friends FB page (you have to do some scrolling). Can’t post the photo here, but she was holding the kitty very sweetly and caption read:

      “Officer Benton was on a call this morning and literally removed this kitten from a dog’s mouth. The kitten has a leg injury from her attack. Upon arrival at the shelter Officer Benton asked for help for the kitten. The present MAS facility has no x-ray equipment (the new shelter will!!!), so she will be taken care of at the Humane Society. This kitten is on it’s way to the Memphis Shelby County Humane Society for treatment. A huge thanks to Officer Benton for wanting to help this kitten, and a thank-you to Memphis Humane for offering their help.”

  2. I agree with Heather.. do they really just not give a SH** that someone is watching them.. does anyone ever reprimand them.. or FIRE them for mistreatment

    1. Alice- you are correct- they do NOT give a sh**! Matt Pepper doesn’t write them up – such a sad, sad situation.

  3. I have been watching for almost an hour and one worker keeps removing dogs from their cages. When the screen refreshes the worker and the dog(s) aren’t on any of the cameras. I am SO hoping they aren’t being brought to the Kill Room. :-(

    1. Well Tammy, All I can say is that this shelter kills 3 out of every 4 pets they get. So although some volunteers may come on here periodically and tell you that all these dogs are being taken out for walkies or going to the adoption floor, sadly that just ain’t so. The numbers speak for themselves.

    2. Tammy, I have been watching the same thing and it’s not giving me any warm and fuzzy feelings. The fact we no longer see them, makes me think they are being taken to the outside kennels where they will be then be taken to the Kill Room, and we won’t be able to see that….sneaky, sneaky MAS! Once again, I am heartsick!

  4. The employee holding the puppy incorrectly looks a lot like Tracy Dunlap. He’s the one who always sends last minute emails to animal rescue groups WITHOUT sending a photo asking rescue folks to bend over backwards before the dog or puppy is euthanized a day or two later because they are “out of space”. He calls a lot of them Akita mixes when they look more like Lab Mixes or Collies or anything other than Akitas.

  5. Well golly gee, that is Tracy Dunlap. What a gem of a guy. Worked long hours in the euthanasia room for many years.

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