12 thoughts on “30 Second Shelter PSA

  1. Very cute….I can just Matt Pepper dressing up as ALL the parts, and using his cutest voice. Gag me!

  2. Cute ad – but AHS has one of the highest kill rates in the state of Minnesota.

    Cats are, ironically, at the highest risk there. They’ve had a policy of killing all cats they consider to be feral for some time.

  3. Well, I LOVE talking cats / dogs / etc. when it’s done well, and this is adorable. Of course, I would think it’s adorable even without their commentary, but I’m hoping there is an audience out there that will listen to their wishes and feel compelled to rush down and fill those wishlists!!!

    Most “shelters” don’t keep feral cats; the better ones have policies to not bring them in to the shelter, although people in the community will still trap and take some in – which are killed unless they turn out to be very friendly homeless strays.

  4. “Better” is a relative term.

    Many local shelters (I live in MN) take in ferals, spay/neuter them and then adopt them out as barn cats. In my world, that’s better.

    1. It’s weird how so many shelters have this mystery “unaccounted for” category of pets that you only find by adding up all the totals and figuring out they don’t match the animals on hand figures.

      I agree, killing 43% is unacceptable.

      1. according to my calculations (i don’t include owner requested euthansia numbers as i don’t consider that ‘killing’ and therefore shouldn’t be included in the ‘kill’ rate) their placement rate is 63%, their kill rate is actually 36% and according to their posted stats 1% still remained in their care when the year changed over- that’s probably the ‘missing’ 251 you’re worrying about

        I don’t consider 36% ‘really high’. I leave that description for 70%+. i feel that 36% needs work but can’t be considered high- especially as they are trending downward and reduced their kill rate by 7% from ’08 to ’09

        They recently moved to Surrenders by Appointment- i’m interested to see the results of that

      2. If a shelter’s policy is to perform owner requested euth only on pets who are medically hopeless and suffering, then I think it’s fair to call it euthanasia. If however, the shelter’s policy is to perform euthanasia on any pet whose owner requests it regardless of health status, there is no way of knowing how many of those pets might have been healthy/treatable.

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