Is this your pet?

Memphis Animal Services does not list their stray pets online and keeps them housed in areas not available for public viewing. Have you lost this dog? Or does he perhaps look like a dog you’d like to rescue or adopt? He was someone’s pet at one time. I hope he is allowed to be someone’s pet again.

This dog is pancaked and on a chokepole. He is obviously no threat to anyone.

What does MAS do with dogs who aren't a threat? Drag them down the halls by a noose around the neck.

The dog is too big for this cage and too scared to go in it.

The dog is forced into the small cage.

38 thoughts on “Is this your pet?

  1. I need to stop getting these e-mails, they upset me way to much…Looks to me like the people from Memphis don’t give a rats ass either. If I lived there I would be at the shelter’s door step to choke the asshole in the picture…NO ONE in that shelter likes animals, not even a tiny bit………

    1. I wish you lived in Memphis Donna. Not to choke anyone of course but in reality, I think you’d probably be moved to take some kind of peaceful protest action. I would love to see people in Memphis do that – picket the mayor’s office or chain themselves to the shelter doors even.

      1. What I can’t understand, is the people living near by, how can they let this kind of abuse go on…The dogs and cats don’t ask to be born or even put in that hell hole of a so called shelter…Why can’t you pick em up and carry the ones that are scared ur gonna kill em anyway so why must they be so hateful.

      2. It seems like there’s an overload of Don’tCare bacteria in the water at MAS. I don’t know why they won’t handle scared pets humanely. It’s weird because they are always telling us how the public just doesn’t care and treat their pets badly and so on.

      3. Peaceful protest thought. Monday President Obama will be in town speaking at the BTW graduation.(it was a national campaign to get him there). It is noon Monday at the Cook Convention Center. We need peaceful though. PM me for your thoughts.

      4. Kim, Just my two cents and I’m not there so take it for what it’s worth to you but I wouldn’t want to stage a protest in conjunction with the President’s visit. There will be all sorts of nutters out there trying to advance their causes and the Secret Service will be watching them. Anyone in the designated protest area risks getting swept up with the nutters. I myself wouldn’t like to get in trouble with the Secret Service. I think a protest at the mayor’s office or the shelter might yield better results.

    2. I agree that a protest held when the President speaks at the high school is the wrong thing to do.

  2. How can we leagly go after them? Is there away, to take them to court for animal cruelty ? How are these animals killed? Heart stick, gas chamber? I really hate to say it, but mephis is horrible rotten town, old run down getto,with a lot of bad people, can we somehow go after them? I wish I was a lawyer,I would volunteer serves, and start a lawsuit…..theres gotta b a way to do it…..we are dealing with some real creeps ,

    1. It’s unknown how they kill pets at MAS since they don’t have a webcam in the kill room nor do they allow the public inside.
      I don’t know about legal action but I’m not all that impressed with the legal action taken against this shelter in 2009. There was evidence the shelter was starving dogs to death and yet only 3 members of management were indicted. Some stayed on the payroll for a very long time and none have yet gone to court. The people actually tasked with feeding and caring for the dogs remain on the job today. So I’m not sure legal action is as effective as it may seem in these cases. But please at least contact the mayor’s office and let them know how you feel and where you will NOT be vacationing.

  3. Is there any way to raise funds and put up a billboard like they did in Denver? Instead of Denver kills dogs, it could be Memphis Kills Dogs and use the billboard to direct them to a website to view the abuse and learn how they could help?

      1. We could also set up a Facebook Group “Memphis Kills Dogs” The posts that have been made here could be posted to the group and albums with the webcam pics could be created. Anything to get the facts in front of as many eyes as possible. Civic leaders tend to respond more often when they are facing a backlash of very public criticism

      2. How about “Memphis Kills Pets” since they mistreat and kill cats too. I think it’s a great idea, whatever it’s called. Anyone who wants to set up the group on FB is welcome to copy stuff off this blog.

    1. I’ll chime in and add my idea for a billboard.
      Memphis, Home of the Blues. Have a picture of a shelter animal being led down the hallway and a caption that says, “No-kill is the cure for these kinds of blues.”

      1. Gonna edit my submission already. The caption should say “Ain’t no cure for these “blues” except No-Kill”

    2. Great idea Lisa I would be happy to donate toward it and the facebook page is a fantastic idea, I have messaged to be added. MAS makes me as angry as the cruelty that goes on with China’s dog and cat farms. I would like to choke that prick who is dragging that poor defenseless dog.

    3. I think it should say…
      MAYOR WHARTON allows the mistreatment and killing of Memphis animals.

      Memphis is not killing the animals.
      The citizens here are up against a wall and that wall is named WHARTON.
      Saying “Memphis Kills Animals” would just drive away MORE citizens from the cause.

    1. I’m afraid the mayor would send a lackey up there to spray paint “and we also have gang violence and dying babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      1. Well, that’s certainly an incentive to vacation there! It pays to advertise.

  4. Question of the Day –
    I would like to know –
    Why is the public prevented from seeing all of the dogs and cats at the shelter? Perhaps they are looking for a lost pet or might see one they would like to adopt. Why can’t they see them all?

    1. If you have lost an animal you are allowed to view the strays.
      But, you are not allowed to view them for adoption.

  5. I tweeted (plz RT) : Question of the Day for @MayorACWharton Why can’t the public view all the #dogs & #cats @ MAS #animalshelter? #pets RT

  6. I don’t live in memphis so not sure if this has happenerd or not, but have you got the media involved? There have got to be some animal lovers somewhere in memphis that can take a stand and help these poor poor animals! I also think craigslist is a great way to get info out there, can you post the still pics of dogs on their lost and found? and also show people what happens to the dogs that are onwer surrender. I also agree with legal action to try that again, even though it didn’t do very well teh first time. This is so extremly sad and most times I come to your website I cry!! Let me know what else I can do to help. I have signed the petitions and shared your website.
    Thanks for trying to help them

    1. Hi Kara, Lisa added a facebook page and its a great way to increase the awareness of what MAS is doing on a global scale. It would be great if everyone joined.

  7. I’m ready to protest or do whatever to get the public’s attention. For those of you that can’t “handle it”, get over it! We need your big hearts more than ever now! I’ll be glad to paint a billboard, picket or whatever it takes! I do have faith in what is being worked behind the scenes but the animals suffering in the interim NEED us!

    1. It takes one person to start the ball rolling. Many people are afraid to be that one person. If you are ready to take peaceful action, go for it! I’m with you in spirit.

    2. Please do take some kind of action — we will all be with you in spirit! Do something that will draw the media’s attention. Be a leader and you will gain followers.

  8. THAT MAN MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that someday, somehow, somewhere these animals abusers will get their payback. FIRE HIM MAS!!!! MAKE HIM AN EXAMPLE! And I pray that baby gets a forever home.

  9. You’ve heard of ‘rotten apples’.

    Well, this is a case of a ‘rotten Pepper’.

    One that lacks any spice.

    1. Focus on the Mayor. Criticize him.
      He calls the shots.
      Pepper is a weak pawn.
      We have wasted enough time trying to get a ball-less wonder to bring about change.
      Focus on the Mayor.
      The meeting Wednesday night proved the point that the Mayor IS bothered by the letters, the negative image.
      The City sent police to the meeting because there were going to be a bunch of animal rights people there.
      The Mayor’s Chief of Staff showed up to try to bully us into stopping the emails.

      The Mayor is bothered. Turn up the heat.

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