Did you receive any replies to your e-mails about MAS?

City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove at MAS. 10 o'clock is really early.
Janis Fullilove's unannounced visit with press entourage.

A number of people have shared responses they’ve received from shelter advisory board member Cindy Sanders (I got one myself) and many of us recall city councilwoman Janis Fullilove’s infamous “So what?” reply.  I’m interested in hearing if anyone has received any additional responses.

A reader sent me the following reply she received from the ASPCA after writing to them with concerns about MAS:

From: <laniea@aspca.org>
Date: Sat, May 21, 2011 at 4:58 PM
Subject: The Memphis Animal Shelter Needs Help

Thank you for contacting the ASPCA with your concerns about the Memphis, Tennessee animal shelter.  We share your concerns for the millions of animals at risk in our nation’s shelters.  Although the ASPCA is a national organization, we have humane law enforcement authority only in New York State and no authority to investigate shelters or other organizations.

In November 2009, the ASPCA’s team assisted in the investigation of alleged cruelty of the shelter at the request of the Memphis County Sheriff’s Office.  The investigation resulted in changes by the city.  Some of what you are reading is likely in response to that old information. However, the recent webcam photos are being reviewed by the administration of the shelter and appropriate action will be taken.  They have identified and recognized many issues that need to be corrected and  the director and management team are working diligently towards correcting many of those issues. Appropriate administrative discipline is taking place.

Whenever you observe conditions at a shelter that you feel are neglectful or cruel you can act. It is important to document problems before taking action. Write times, places and specific problems down.  Licensing of shelters differs from state to state. Photos, videos and other records can be very helpful.  Be specific and reasonable.

If you have not already done so you should communicate directly with the executive director who needs to know about the complaint, if for no other reason than to prevent such a situation from re-occurring. After that, if you do not feel that your complaint receives an adequate hearing you should also contact the board of directors.  This is public knowledge and can be obtained from the shelter management or the state Attorney General’s office through the Freedom of Information Act. Additionally, if they are a municipal agency or have a service contract with the local municipality, contact the city council and county administrator as well.

Few shelters can afford to operate without the help of dedicated volunteers who contribute time, money, and effort toward educating people, handling adoptions, walking dogs, and fundraising.  Citizens concerned with the humane treatment of animals should offer whatever talents they may have to help their local shelter. Often times it is possible to improve the shelter from inside.  Offer to volunteer or assist the management with policy review.

If I can provide any additional information or answer any questions please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for caring and sharing your concerns.

Lanie Anton
Community Initiatives Director
Community Outreach

Shorter ASPCA: You are prolly too stupid to realize the difference between 2009 and 2011. Also, everything’s fine. kthx.

Please share any responses you’ve received.  Geez, I hope this doesn’t end up being a 0 Comments post.

22 thoughts on “Did you receive any replies to your e-mails about MAS?

  1. that ASPCA letter is a totally canned response. It’s insulting.. they’d do better to not reply or just stop at the “we have no enforcement authority” part.

    1. I agree with EmilyS. The ASPCA reply is offensive and condescending. I love the part about how the investigation resulted in “changes by the city.” Yes, but only after “indictments by the county” which she doesn’t mention. And it would have been Shelby County and not “Memphis County” but what do details matter to the unwashed public who can’t tell the difference between 2009 and 2011? Of course, the ASPCA is probably distracted by the bashing they got in my local newspaper this weekend: http://articles.boston.com/2011-05-22/news/29571677_1_humane-society-animal-cruelty-aspca

  2. Guess you should contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s office. That’s why they got involved the last time.

  3. I have not received a response to the email that I sent last week. I hope she does not think that an unannounced visit, with press in tow (I am sure to show all of us that she does care) can shut us up.

  4. One letter via snail mail from the mayor-man with the usual responses . . . supports director, making changes, irresponsible public, blah, blah, blah.
    Also got the same response from the board member that everyone else got.

    I’ve been sending both emails and snail mails to the mayor and director several times a week.

    Re: ASPCA – they’re the group who returned Baby (the gray, emaciated, senior Samoyed) to her “owner” and found no reason to investigate neglect/abuse, etc. They don’t do much better than any of the other big names in animal “welfare”!

  5. I’ve not received any replies. Perhaps I was too polite.

    BTW, thanks for the link to the candles. Will keep it up.

  6. In short: Do our job for us. Thats the impression that I get.

    Emailed the mayor and wrote on his wall twice. Also did Fulliloves once. Nothing back from any of these methods.

  7. Not a single response to about a dozen emails to the whole crew (mayor, council, MAS Board, media), with the exception of Cindy Sanders and Allen Iskiwitz, a guy from ABC24 and a guy from WMCTV. The SPCA is not a friend of anyone fighting for shelter reform and especially for No Kill, so their response is not at all surprising.

  8. I’m posting this on behalf of Jeanne as she was having trouble doing so:

    From: AC.Wharton@memphistn.gov [AC.Wharton@memphistn.gov]
    Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 6:34 PM
    To: Jeanne
    Subject: RE: The Mayor of Newark goes no-kill–why don’t you?

    Thank you. We will certainly consider it.

    From: Jeanne
    Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 3:33 PM
    To: Wharton, AC
    Subject: The Mayor of Newark goes no-kill–why don’t you?

    Mayor Wharton,

    The Mayor of Newark has pledged to build a new state-of-the-art No-Kill Shelter in Newark. He GETS IT and fully understands that his modern city needs to move away from the old catch-and-kill model of sheltering and provide what the public WANTS–a 21st century no-kill facility with emphasis on adoption and rescue.

    Why not Memphis?


  9. Well i’ll say Bobby White has responded to 1 email about the chameleon software tutorial. Actually he reached out to me once with question about proper restrainst of cats and dogs that are “biting and wanting to claw your eyes out”. I was impressed with that. But no response from Wharton. And I’ve given up on Pepper.

      1. I am a vet tech, its what I went to college for. He knew that. I offered to loan him my manual procedures book on dogs, cats and rabbits. An entire semester was dedicated to proper restraint and transport of these animals. But I think his tone in his email was a bit more sarcastic.

  10. No replies from anyone but the three GOOD ONES on the advisory board! :-) Mayor Wharton hasn’t bothered, nor has anyone else.

    As for the aforementioned, guess what the “A” stands for? hehe

  11. Fullilove’s dog and pony show will not deter any of us from our course, she better read this NOW and not bother the press again for stupid flea-circus trick shows.

    1. Fullilove is too busy getting the FBI to investigate the cops in Memphis. Geez. How much can one pay attention to more than one thing.

      1. Yea, well, when you don’t want them to investigate YOU, you use a “shill”. But remember, we don’t know what happened before or after.

  12. If my calculations are correct, and I believe they are, Mayor Wharton issued his statement four business days ago stating the emails would be answered.

    My inbox is not full of responses, how about yours?

  13. “Although the ASPCA is a national organization, we have humane law enforcement authority only in New York State and no authority to investigate shelters or other organizations.”

    In other words, they accept donations from every State, but only actually work in NYC where btw the pet “shelter” system sucks, thanks to the cruel ASPCA opposing No Kill programs, killing Oreo’s Law, etc.

    So much for that “We are fighting cruelty all across America” B.S.

    But, by all means, blind ASPCA followers, keep sending your blood money.

    I hardly ever receive replies from national groups, because I tell them ahead of time, I am not interested in excuses, only action, and NEVER have gotten a reply from Memphis officials. Of course, I’m a bit intense and extremely passionate, and have no inhibitions about telling it like it is, and I tell these groups/shelters etc. that they are cruel murderers and need to change, so what can they reply with?

    “You’re right”?

    Dont hold your breath.

    1. Matt: I am so THERE with you…often have to think before I speak, but somehow I never do…serious character flaw I guess. teehee

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