Treats on the Internets

Big news in Justice for Bella Land:  Cabarrus Co, NC is now officially a “proactive adoption community”.

Attention Pitbull type dogs in Miami-Dade:  You must be at least this tall percentage to ride this ride suffer discrimination.

A woman in Pinellas Co, FL understood she had 48 hours to reclaim her dog after surrendering him to the shelter.  When she returned within the 48 hour time period, she learned the shelter had already killed the dog.  The shelter has since changed the wording on its website to avoid such a misunderstanding in future.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Records show pets being killed by other pets at Metro Animal Services in Louisville, KY

The Associated HS of Newark, NJ has failed two surprise inspections from state authorities but when the TV news showed up unannounced, they found the place in good order.

From the UK:  A dog described as a “brindle staffie” was killed by a pound even though he was healthy and “very friendly” because he started to get mouthy:

“He wasn’t being aggressive but it was becoming dangerous and we had no option but to have him destroyed.

“Sadly, this is a typical story for the staffies – they do not cope well in kennels as they want to be with people so much, and sometimes behaviour like this can come out.”

(Thanks Kim for the link.)

McDowell Co, NC:  This article runs through some complaints county residents have against ACOs and their lack of response to calls.  One man says his neighbor kept a Lab in a filthy cage 24/7, with no shelter from the summer heat and inconsistent access to water.  The man contacted AC about the dog but nothing was done.  The sheriff says that ACOs can only judge whether an “owner is meeting  the minimum standards”.

Instead of adopting a TNR program for feral cats, or even learning how to handle them safely, the shelter in Broken Arrow, OK wants to kill them sooner.  (Thank you Kara for the link.)

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  1. Mouthing is part of the Staffie characteristic!! Anybody knows that. My Staffie x lab used to mouth my chin, arms, ears but in the most gentle way ever. Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee! Its all excuses with these shelters! Any excuse to drag a dog or cat to the kill rooms! Where is the compassion?

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