A Dog in Need of Help at MAS

Nova, the smiling Sibe.

There is a sweet, pretty Siberian Husky in cage 509 in the stray area at MAS.  She is an owner surrender and her shelter ID is 227367.  Her name, as of this moment, per me, is Nova.  Nova has not been listed online by MAS as far as I know, nor is she viewable by any potential adopters who visit the shelter.

Nova had no one advocating for her right to live.  But she does now.

Ways you can help Nova:

  • Call, e-mail, or visit the shelter and ask if you can adopt dog #227367 in cage 509.
  • Share this posting on your rescue and shelter pet advocate boards, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Send a note to everyone on the mailing list, asking that MAS list its pets online upon intake and allow adopters visiting MAS to see them.

Remember that MAS is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

Can you help this dog? You nose you want to.

E-mail contacts:

Matthew Pepper, Director, Memphis Animal Services: matthew.pepper@memphistn.gov

Tracy Dunlap, who sends out rescue pleas from time to time for MAS.

You can find additional e-mail contacts on the page for our letter writing campaign.

Nova is a bit shy at the shelter. Let's get her out so she can blossom.

19 thoughts on “A Dog in Need of Help at MAS

  1. Let me ask you this. How can MAS put her in the stray section if she an owner surrender?

    1. Although it is commonly referred to as a stray area, it actually houses almost every dog at MAS. They put nearly all incoming dogs in this area. A very few lucky ones are selected to be moved into the adoption hallway, the rest are killed without anyone outside the shelter ever knowing they were there.

      1. That sounds exactly like Robeson County NC Animal Shelter. They do that all the time. In fact, the Manager has even stated that they only put the dogs THEY deem adoptable on PetFinder because she believes that posting them all will lessen the chances of the “more highly adoptable” dogs finding homes. There’s a real God Complex going on at that shelter. They pick and choose the ones they think are cute. The majority of the rest of the animals at RCAS can be and often are killed after 72 hours with no one ever knowing they were even there.

    1. Anne Marie,
      Can you contact her with the information about this dog? She’s a beauty and would probably do very, very well with a stable, loving family.

      1. I’ve contacted Rio, she doesn’t have anywhere to put her. If anyone is interested in adopting, or fostering, speak up!

    2. Rescue is generally contacted on breed specific dogs. The ones that truely need attention are the black dogs or your basic brown dogs that have no true identifiable breed. Just FYI, if you really want to help.

      1. Just FYI, I really am helping.

        And I’m really thankful I was able to get the info on this dog, no thanks to MAS, who apparently has zero interest in helping dogs in the stray area.

        If anyone would like to send in info on another dog in the stray area, please feel welcome. Mixed breed, purebred, black, brown or green – I will gratefully accept info on ANY DOG IN NEED OF HELP in the stray area at MAS.

      2. @KL, with a 77% kill rate and hundreds of dogs who never get posted on the internet–not on Petfinder or PetHarbor or anywhere else–they ALL need help and no one should be discouraging anyone from helping any of them. If even one dog makes it out, that’s a life saved. Most people on here are aware that plain black and brown dogs–actually it’s lab mixes and shepherd mixes–(and pits) have the highest kill rate in Southern shelters, but MAS really doesn’t discriminate when it comes to killing. They ALL get dragged to the kill room and we have to watch them go.

    3. I’d foster Nova! Um, but you’ll have to arrange transport to Alaska because I can’t come down and pick her up.

      1. Oh don’t think I won’t do it Lynn. You just wait and see.

        …OK we have 2 of the 347 transport legs to Alaska arranged. Anyone? Bueller?

  2. I found 3 Tennessee rescues online and sent the information to them. Hopefully someone else closer will be able to help.
    We all know how quickly those folks are to kill . . . even very adoptable dogs!

  3. I swear, I wish “they” would quit tinkering with phones and just get on with inventing a Star Trek type transporter. I would focus my beam on Miss Nova and hit ENERGIZE. Then she could be here and I would bake her some biscuits and give her some hugs.

    I hope someone closer (or who knows how to arrange transport) has a space for her. The shelter opens at 10am Tuesday morning and I am hoping their phone will be ringing at that time with someone wanting to adopt this sweet dog.

  4. Hurry, folks, if you can help. These people have a history of killing, especially the ones that they know we are trying to help.

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