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  1. Has anyone at MAS ever said why they don’t put more pets in the adoptable pet area? Or why they don’t work with people who want to rescue or adopt the animals? It breaks my heart everytime I watch one of the videos with those people walking and, sometimes, dragging what look like, for the most part, healthy, adoptable dogs.

    The City of Memphis, its goverment officials and its citizens should be ashamed of this.

    1. You can read the article where the policy is discussed here:


      My interpretation, given that the article says dogs deemed adoptable are moved into the adoption hallway, is that Mr. Pepper feels that the vast majority of dogs at MAS are not adoptable. That’s the only explanation that would make sense (in a sick way) to me for how a shelter with a 77% kill rate “justifies” having a 30 run adoption hallway.

  2. Every day I thank you and Jody for helping me to get Sam out of MAS. He is the best dog ever. Just thinking about him making the “death walk” to the Kill Room absolutely shatters me. How many of those killed dogs and cats would have made as wonderful companions as Sam has? It is so very sad that a family will never know the love those animals could have given.

    1. Thank you for giving Sam the life he deserves. Your comment is yet another reason I was so upset to see the comment from Jody this weekend that MAS has tossed her from volunteering. I am respecting her statement that she doesn’t want to talk about it but at the same time, it’s such tough news to take, I can’t stop thinking about it. She has helped save other pets at the shelter who had no hope too. I can’t understand how saving lives is frowned upon while criminal stalking is rewarded in the volunteer program. Makes no sense.

      1. Thank you Tammy and YesBiscuit! I can’t understand it either……Volunteer, or no volunteer, I will continue to try to help save as many of the animals as possible…..

  3. im glad the web cams are there and that you are publishing the pictures; i think no matter how many people told me i would not believe it without these pictures; im astonished that this really happens but i can see that it does; this is real horror

  4. Shared and I won’t forget! We have to keep up at the fight and support no kill Memphis.

  5. Jody was axed???? WTF the next thing I swear to you all, they are going to take down the cams.

    What drug were they pulling up in the one frame, do you know Shirley?

    1. Not to take up for MAS at all they are horribly ran by management, but the frame u are talking about she was drawing blood for a heartworm test not pulling drugs.. And this particular dog was not killed it was taken into a separate area to be evaluated and was later actually adopted

  6. That last dog is a ‘dead’ (pun inteneded) ringer for our Stella who was also sentenced to death some years ago in LI NY after she bit the person holding her tight with the catchpole (can you say under-trained?). Yes, she had problems, but she is lovebug. You will ALL be remembered dear hearts!

  7. One more thought, with all of today’s posts – it weould seem what with Jody and the “Dictum” about property, they are trying to force our hand into doing something they THINK we will do…after all the admonitions I’ve given to AC telling him he’ll NEVER guess time, place or action…I guess they really don’t listen.

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