Snapshots from MAS

This dog needs a bowl of food, not a blue needle.

A little help here?
Your turn to die.
I'm sorry kitty.
Dragged this way...
...and that way.
Look at this fat, happy tail wagging all the way to the kill room.
Hoisted by the neck.
Scared Akita to die.

Puppy taken to kill room.
Does anyone care about me?

15 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. I read an interview with Mayor Wharton from when Matthew Pepper was hired. He said that Pepper was like him, a high-energy guy who can work hard seven days a week.

    If that is so, why does Matthew Pepper not supervise his people? Where is he on Saturdays when they’re killing dogs and cats left and right? Why is he not networking with rescues, not holding adoption events, not brainstorming ideas to move animals out alive?

    Memphis locals, please, find us a billboard. Something visible near MAS. Something that Matthew Pepper will have to look at every day on his way in to “work”.

    1. And me! This really needs to stop. I really like this idea, especially if its on his way to MAS (though it seems hes never there). Maybe one by the mayors office too.

  2. I could never say how sad this makes me feel. Dog after dog. All deserving to live. Someone, somewhere would want every one of them if they only knew these dogs were there.

  3. These people look like they are enjoying their jobs WAY too much. I don’t know how they can do that day after day, week after week, to dog after dog and cat after cat. There is absolutely no compassion or caring in their actions AT all. It’s bad enough that the animals die at all! But to die at the hands of people like that, alone and scared, is absolutely sickening. I know this probably goes on in every kill shelter across the U.S. But is this the only message board concerning what goes on at MAS? Do the majority of the people in Memphis not care what they’re doing there?

    If the workers know they are being filmed, they obviously don’t care! And it doesn’t improve things for the animals in the least little bit. That tells you that this behavior comes from the top down.

    I told Matt Pepper that they were a disgrace to Tennessee and I was embarrassed to say that animals were treated the way theirs were in our great state. Any good that they do is FAR outweighed by the heartless way they treat these animals. It is maddening and appalling!

  4. I just emailed the contact email group in charge of MAS the following:
    I don’t expect to receive a reply…

    Good Evening;
    I have just viewed various still shots from the web cam at the Memphis Animal Shelter. All the pictures of what appear to be healthy animals going to their early death are disturbing. Most disturbing is the shot of a small to medium size dog being pulled up (or out of) one of the stacked cages on the left of the screen near the sink area.
    Main Area CANINE 1 2011-06-16 12:13:59
    I would like to know if this person has been reprimanded for his actions?
    Main Area CANINE 06 – 16 12:06:59
    A large brown dog which was first dragged down the aisle at 12:05:59 then dragged in the opposite direction. Is this really necessary?
    1 2011 – 06 -15 10:10:17
    Looks like a healthy puppy, please explain why he had to die?
    06 – 15 10:54:17
    Black Dog on a loose leash wagging tail seems perfectly trained and in good health. Why was this dog killed?
    If I am wrong in any of what I feel I am seeing I would be more than happy to be corrected. Looking forward to your reply.
    Mrs. Joan Massey
    19 Dorothea Drive
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    B2W 5X2

    1. I think you are right on – but I’m afraid that you will likely receive no reply. There are no excuses for the killing and mistreatment of animals that goes on daily (even knowing that the world is watching). Pretty scary, isn’t it?

      1. I also have written to “the powers that be” about “concerning still-shots and received no reply except for an advisory board member – who was not asked to return by MAS as an advisory board member cause she cared about the animals -Cindy Sanders. I also wrote to a list of newspaper/media contacts that YesBiscuit posted on this site and heard from no one :(

        My heart breaks from this cruelty that just never lets up. I like a idea of a “shock board” billboard. Nothing else has mattered to them!! I’m in and will contribute what I can to a chipin for this purpose.

  5. Seriously, how do these people d this everyday? There are just no words to describe this and my thoughts on the dogs un lucky enough to end up at MAS.

  6. This really bothers me…our canine friends need loving people to stand up for them…tell me what I can do to help…this has to be stopped…I am devastated over it…poor animals feeling neglected, unloved, hungry, thirsty and pretty much feeling like a nothing to anyone….this totally breaks my heart in two

  7. oh and not only that but they are being abused….let me put one of those things around their necks and drag em to the kill room…I would show no mercy

  8. Is the caption on photo #7 referring to the dog or the shelter worker? The dog’s a bit difficult to see here.

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