Donations for Memphis’ Rescued Pets

A screen capture of the ChipIn at the time of closing.

Donation totals at time of closing:  $660 (less fees) via ChipIn and $218 via snail mail – THANK YOU!

Spent:  $376.30 at the vet clinic who did board/treat for Ranger.

Ending balance:  $501.70 (less Paypal fees totaling $25.28)= $476.42

To make things crystal clear – I was never raising funds “on behalf of” MAS.  I am deeply opposed to the mistreatment and needless killing of pets at MAS so the idea of raising funds for MAS is not something that ever entered my mind.  I was fundraising for the pets who have no advocate within MAS, in the hope of getting some of them out and using the funds to pay for their care after they were sprung.

To that end, I am pleased to announce a new fundraiser for homeless pets in Memphis who have no city taxpayer funded advocate.  I asked Meows and BowWows, a rescue group in Memphis, to partner with us in this effort and they have graciously accepted.  Regular readers are familiar with some of the pets Meows and BowWows have rescued in Memphis, including Charlotte and the Wilburettes and many other kittehs in need.

How you can help:

Make a donation to the new ChipIn to help pets in Memphis who have no city sponsored advocate.  (I have already donated the $476.42 left from the previous ChipIn.)  These funds will be used only when I contact Meows and BowWows and ask them to pay expenses for a specific pet in need that I have featured on the blog.  There will still be complete transparency for readers as to how the funds are disbursed.  For those who prefer to donate by mail, here is the address:

Meows & BowWows Animal Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 38141
Germantown, TN 38138-0141

For Memphis area residents:

Ask about becoming a foster owner for Meows and BowWows.  (Unlike MAS, Meows and BowWows has a true foster program where they pay for the pet’s vet care, you just provide a temporary, loving home for the pet.)  The more foster homes in the Meows and BowWows network, the more pets they can help.

Apply to adopt a pet from Meows and BowWows or volunteer to help at one of their many adoption events.  The more pets they place, the more pets in need they are able to help.   To volunteer or inquire about fostering, call 901-482-1100 or email


Note for the willfully stupid:  No endorsement by MAS of any ChipIn featured on this blog is stated or implied.

12 thoughts on “Donations for Memphis’ Rescued Pets

  1. YAY for Meows and BowWows, and especially for Shirley. (and barks and hisses to the idiots at City Hall in Memphis)

  2. They might not like it very well, but we will continue to help the pets who are fortunate enough to get out of that hellhole alive!
    Thanks to Meows and BowWows for their support of you, Shirley, and the animals of Memphis.
    May the fleas of a million camels . . . well, you get the picture!

  3. Just a reminder – I will donate $150 to the rescue group that pulls one of the Puddinheads, $300 if you pull both of them.

  4. MAS is such garbage. They know damn well that you’re not “soliciting” donations. I’m so happy you found an alternative, though. Kudos to all involved in making this happen.

  5. Can I just add this. Bobby White, MAyor Whartons chief of staff, stood up in the last MAS Board Meeting and stated that the shelter needed positive PR. That we needed to make it look better and make people want to come down and adopt shelter pets. So, is this the type of “PR” Bobby White wanted? Because they brought this on themselves.

  6. Note for the willfully stupid (AND ELECTED OFFICIALS OF MEMPHIS): No endorsement by MAS of any ChipIn featured on this blog is stated or implied.

  7. where there is a will there is a way.. glad you found it.. my donation is on the way.. there are people who change the world.. then there is MAS.. way to go Shirley.. and thanks to the kind people at Meows and BowWows for taking up the flag of justice!

  8. I wish so badly I could see their reaction at this blog post. Hope it pisses them off like crazy and they get the message that people actually do give a damn about all those innocent animals. And that scare tactics and attempts to sweep it under the rug are not working.

  9. I’m assuming that since the rescue is a 501(c)3, donations are tax deductible, yes? You should definitely mention that!

  10. “Note for the willfully stupid: No endorsement by MAS of any ChipIn featured on this blog is stated or implied.”

    LOVE IT! And this is a great way to get around MAS and Memphis’ illustrious City Attorney!

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