I’d like to help this dog.

Yesterday, I made an offer to MAS to help a dog in need. I never received a response. This dog came in yesterday and looks to be an owner surrender. I’d like to help him (or her). Someone please contact MAS about this dog to find out the ID# and any information possible.

Pretty white dog, appears to be an owner surrender to MAS on 6-22.
Looks wary of the goings on.
The surrendering party leaves and the dog tries to follow.
Getting scared.
Very scared now. He needs some pets and reassuring talk I think.

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  1. I will call tomorrow Shirley and get the ball rolling. I’m just not able to take him so we will have to find a rescue group and foster. Do you happen to know where he is located in the stray hold? Send me an e-mail if this is what you want me to do.

  2. Sirley, I just read about the couragous and important work you do in an article written by Cindy Maribito. Thank you for continuing to help these amazing beings who cannot speak up for themselves. Thank you for continuing on in the face of threats. You make a difference.
    In gratitude,

    1. Patti- Would you send us a link to the article? Yes, Shirly is an amazing woman and her endless dedication to helping the animals (especially at MAS) is appreciated beyond words!

  3. Watching an owner surrender is particularly hard to watch. Can’t imagine leaving any of my pets in that place. Poor thing.

    Hopefully someone will have access to that poor pup.

  4. Please keep us UTD on this poor dog!! Heart-breaking to watch….no cares from former owner at all!!!! If info is gathered can get it out on FB for help!!

  5. Anyone hear anything about the white dog. Don’t
    ask the M.Pepper A**hole he won’t answer anything when it comes to being on this web site.

    1. I think we’ll have to wait until MAS opens at 10am local time to get any info. And yeah, I wouldn’t lead with “Hi, I saw this dog on YesBiscuit!…” ha.

  6. They don’t like my emails, either. Hope someone can find a way to get information on this dog while he’s still alive so we can help him outta there!

  7. IF some local rescue will stand up to the plate, I will call Tracy and find out about this dog, and perhaps Team Ranger can help???? C’mon team R. – let’s get moving. I am sorry I can’t take him/her – Ranger is enough to count for 10 dogs! lol

  8. Has anyone gotten a response re info on this dog? A n y o n e ?

    I don’t understand this. You know what happens at a good shelter when someone expresses an interest in a pet? The people are like YAY and they actually respond promptly and will often go out of their way to make sure anyone interested in helping the pet has everything they need.

    I’m going to post another dog from the 22nd and ask that somebody try to obtain info on that dog too. If it turns out we get info on both, super – I’ll try to help both. But just in case there is some reason (which escapes me) that we are not receiving info about this dog, I want to have a “backup”. Cos I’d really like to try and help SOMEBODY.

  9. Oh I posted a few minutes ago, but I don’t see it…may have put it on the wrong thread. I did get an email back from Tracey Dunlap. I attached 2 pictures that clearly showed the dog and had the date/time stamp on them. She (or he?) told without an ID number (which I asked for in my email), it would be hard to locate the dog, but if I’d give it a couple of days, she (or he?) would see what they could do. I sent a return email of thanks for any info they could provide and suggested that maybe the time and date off the picture could be cross-referenced with their paperwork.

    1. Thank you Debbie. We can’t get info without the ID # but we can’t get the ID # because the public is not allowed into the stray area. Sheesh. That’s some racket they’re running there.

      If we give it a couple of days – well, I think we all know what may well happen in a couple of days…

    1. I don’t think they put the dog “IN” the stray area.

      I think they walked the dog “THROUGH” the stray area.

      That is what it looks like to me.

      Is there a photo taken the next shot after the one at 10:41:15?

  10. It breaks my heart to see that dog look at it’s owner as she walks out the door. I don’t care what the circumstances were I would NEVER turn my dog over to a shelter. I would live in a cardboard box with them if I had to. I hope so much that you get some info on this dog. If you do, please definitely let us knowmwhat you need to help out. I wish I lived in the area, I’d go down there myself with pics in hand.

  11. Please tell me someone got this dog out… ?

    And Brenda- I feel exactly the same way! Seeing the dog as he or she watches his or hers owner walk away like that is just too sad. I could never do that to my baby (dog).

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