Sweet Jane

I saw this dog being brought in today on the MAS webcams. I assume she is a stray, I haven’t seen her listed online and she is being housed in the area off-limits to adopters. She looks like a plain brown wrapper Pibble – just the kind I like. I’m calling her Jane. If no owner comes to redeem Jane in the next 3 days, she will need someone to care for her. Please share her so people know she is there. If you would like to foster or are interested in adopting Jane, please contact Meows and BowWows or just leave a comment on this post.  I’m sorry we don’t know much about her – in fact, I chose the female pronoun because that’s what she looks like to me but I have no verification on gender – but at least we know that she is a little scared and could use a friend.

Incoming Pibble looks a little nervous, gets some reassuring pats.
You're all right little dog.
Come on this way.
I'll get in the kennel first, then you come in when you are ready.
Don't worry, I won't pull you.
Take your time.
Everything works out fine.

38 thoughts on “Sweet Jane

  1. This guy needs a star, first time ever 2 see anyone nice 2 an animal at that hell hole….

  2. Isn’t it sad that I feel if we raised awareness about how wonderful Mr. John, the poster man of what a good shelter employee should be like, that it would actually lead to his dismissal somehow?

    1. I’ve had the same thought. But honestly, I’d love to send this man a gift or something (and I’m sure they’d find a way to sue for that!).

  3. This one actually brought tears of relief and just a bit of happiness. Even though Jane’s situation is dismal, she was shown some friendliness and gentleness by John. I so hope Jane’s Guardian Angel shows up soon.

  4. I saw John a few weeks ago and I gave him a hug. I told him people around the world love him!

  5. Let’s get busy and get Jane a foster or forever home and get her out of that place.
    Bless John’s heart for treating her with kindness and gentleness.
    I vote for making him director!

    1. You can add $100 from me for any rescue who pulls her. That’s $250.00 to get this sweet girl outta there!

  6. I wish John COULD be the director! It’d be nice to have someone who obviously gives a carp about the animals in charge, wouldnt it?

  7. Why shouldn’t John be the director? Here in Dallas, we had a police lieutenant take over when our previous shelter manager Tyrone McGill was charged with animal cruelty (sorry, I’m not making this up).

    Lt. Walton managed to do what other managers couldn’t – he began to lower the euthanasia rate, and took employees’ suggestions seriously enough to implement some of them.

    Does anyone know John’s last name? Might a petition be in order to suggest he replace Matthew Pepper?

    1. I wouldn’t object to Shirley using Chipin funds to send John a gift certificate to a nice restaurant…

      1. Is the Chipin fund still active? If so, count me in! I will contribute to John having a nice meal or/and saving Jane from MAS!

      2. No city employee is allowed to accept a gift worth over a very nominal amount. This could get him in trouble. I put nothing past this city.

      3. While I wouldn’t presume to speak for someone I don’t know, I would say that generally, people who care about shelter pets feel very “rewarded” when their caring is repaid in kind to those pets.

  8. My partner has media control tonight, as it is his birthday. Loud guy music complete with subwoofer. I sit at my desk and open gmail. He starts Lou Reed Sweet Jane and I see this email. Karmic shake up because next I see this man. Thank you thank you thank you.

    This man needs to train kennel staff there. And deserves a bonus.

    Which does give us a bridge across a huge divide and an opportunity to be nice. How shall we positively promote this type of treatment? Thank you would be a good start.

      1. Spread the word, donate (if possible) to help the rescues pull these animals, pray.

      2. db,

        Do you know the rescue’s names? How can we contact them and do you think that would help this dog? I can donate a bit that may help. Problem is I fall in love with all these precious things.

        By the way, aren’t you the one who wanted an update on my little Wiley Cat who I am caring for, the one I named after Wiley Puppy? He is doing good. I have asthma and can’t live with a cat but he’s got a nice set up outside (we live in the country), has his own “pad”, comes and goes as he pleases and is getting quite spoiled. He loves my dogs, chickens and even the bunnies.

  9. this man deserves a medal and a hug. sweet jane is adorbs! i hope someone can help her.

    when my current foster gets adopted i’m planning to use my vacation time to pull a MAS dog.

  10. Did it ever occur to anyone these are set up? Each post lasts long enough to be sure the camera catches it. This is a total hoot that you all fell for it. Did it ever occur that people at the shelter sit and watch how long it takes you to catch these pictures?? Jeesh, thought you all were better than that!

    1. Anna – Like everyone here, you are entitled to your own opinion. I don’t personally believe this is a setup but for the sake of argument, let’s say you are right. In that case, I’m thrilled that someone at MAS would treat a pet gently and lovingly just for the webcams because that’s one more pet who received proper handling. I hope it’s something that catches on and every worker in the place starts trying to fool us by being kind to pets.

    2. Does not pass the logic test.

      This ACO has never been seen being anything but nice to the animals, but the others have repeatedly (and consistently) been unkind and incompetent in handling.

      This is not a show for the cameras. If it were, the other staff would appear less cruel and indifferent to the suffering/fear of the animals.

    3. There are some MAS vols (not part of Friends of MAS) who post here and they have verified that this ACO is for real. One post said he and another very kind ACO were both trained by a third employee who is also very good with the animals. So there are a few workers there who care and know what they’re doing. They seem to love animals and feel comfortable handling them.

      We haven’t seen any indication that MAS workers or administrators care what we think. Why would they bother with a set up?

  11. Anna, there are enough webcam grabs of MAS workers treating animals inhumanely to put paid to your allegation.

  12. Yea Jon! And I don’t care if he (or please, EVERYBODY else) at MAS starts to *fake* kindness for the cameras!!! I’ll take whatever I can get.
    We need more local contacts. I know how overwhelmed rescues can become (read that ALWAYS are!) Jane, like hundreds of others, needs a chance. Does anybody have personal friends/contacts in Memphis? Or even anywhere in TN? Let’s network to get Jane out of there, and then a couple dozen others too…

  13. Why on earth would they bother having one employee treat the animals well on camera when pretty much all of the rest of them treat them like crap on camera? Doesnt make sense.

    Anyway this John guy deserves a freakin medal. Or some sort of reward. Isnt there any way that someone can go to MAS, see if hes working, and then slip it to him or something? lol I agree with a poster above who said that they fear that if we praise him too much he will end up fired or something…thats the kind of immaturity we have to deal with from these people (the big wigs at MAS).

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