Demetria Hogan Just Became Mayor of the Shelby Co Jail!

Suspended Memphis ACO Demetria Hogan is now off the lam. According to the Shelby Co Sheriff’s Office website, Ms. Hogan was booked this morning at 8:57 a.m. in connection with the “disappearance” of Kapone.

From day one, it’s been unclear to me why the city hadn’t issued a statement regarding the impounding officer’s explanation for what happened to Kapone.  Perhaps there has been no explanation.  But if that’s the case, why did it take so long to charge her?

Either way, this is yet another massive waste of taxpayer resources which could have been prevented if Ms. Hogan would have simply told what happened with Kapone.  A family has been suffering all this time without their beloved pet and again, that suffering could have been brought to a halt at any time had Ms. Hogan chosen to tell where Kapone is.  Hopefully this arrest will motivate Ms. Hogan to talk and end this cruel ordeal.

I will update this post if additional information becomes available.

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    1. I like the idea of the city offering jobs to felons who have served their time and want to turn their lives around. But common sense tells you that these folks should be started out in jobs where they are not responsible for the lives of sentient beings. You know, see how they do with a computer keyboard for awhile. If it goes “missing”, a trip to Walmart and it’s lesson learned.

      1. There are always bad apples. It is unfortunate that one ended up working with little or no accountability in a job with vulnerable animals. The program at Villalobos in California has seen the lives of parolees change while working with dogs. It is just a case of this girl was just rotten.

      2. I am betting they have adequate supervision in that program. Sending shelter dogs to live with prisoners seems to work well but again, there is sufficient supervision. The problem here is that there is inadequate supervision and in Ms. Hogan’s position, a lot of autonomy. That’s why I say start them out in a job where they are not directly responsible for the lives of sentient beings.

  1. Hooray!!!

    Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Memphis, TN

    Active Inmates
    Recent Bookings
    Inmate Age Stats
    Inmate Location Stats

    Search Criteria for Active Inmates

    First Name: Last Name: DOB:
    Booking #: RNI #: Booking Date:
    CLICK HERE to download a list of all current jail inmates in Excel format.

    N RNI# Booking# Booked Date Last First Mi Gender Race DOB Age Court Date Detail
    1 163828 11206571 07/13/2011 8:57AM Hogan Demetria F B 06/16/1971 40 Detail

    Displaying 1 of 1 pg of 1 record | 0.30652189254761 sec | Export the result to

    Individuals obtaining information from this website should verify accuracy through appropriate entities prior to use. Information provided should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. This database contains the listings of persons who have been processed into the Shelby County Jail and lists the charge(s) for which they were originally detained. Individuals contained in this database have been arrested, but have not necessarily been found guilty in a court of law. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) provides this interface as a public service. However, the SCSO reserves the right to limit access in order to ensure access for all users.

  2. Her bond is only $100! They need to seriously rethink how they handle animal cruelty cases. Regardless, I’m glad to see this moving along. I hope that Kapone is still alive, though I fear that may not be the case considering that she was a “euthanasia technician” at the center previously. Let’s hope that he’s safe somewhere.

      1. It seems to me that it’s not just MAS that couldn’t care less about animals, it seemtie en the justice system is filled with idiots. $100???? Really???? I’ll bet it’s a higher bond for stealing something from Walmart. What is wrong with the lackadaisical attitude towards animals and the people that abuse them?

  3. The online version of The Commercial Appeal has an article about it. If I knew how to link to that from here I would, but I literally do not know how.

    This lady was hired under the “Second Chance” program and that is for felons.

    She also tried to sue folks over what she deemed to be the emotional distress she has endured while being an employed felon for the MAS.

    Memphis politics is literally a carnival and it is obvious that those in the know knew of this whole situation for a goodly while and just did not want to cop to it at all.

  4. Let us pray that her bond is more than a measly $100. It should be at least as big as the bills for 11 years of care and love from the Shoup family.

    Also, although many of us may FEAR the worst for Kapone, let’s try to change that and put out positive energy for his return safe and sound. What you think, you create.

    I think I am going to sue the city for mental and emotional distress, as this Kapone case has made me cry every day, and I cannot sleep, and my heart is breaking…taking loads of anxiety drugs…I feel as if he were mine too.

    Come Home Kapone!!!!!

  5. My “hinky” radar is going beserk right now; why do I feel that Ms. Hogan is being offered up as the sacrificial bad apple in this scenario? While not discounting Ms. Hogan’s obvious suspect past, she has repeatedly said she took both animals to MAS…even showing up on Kapone’s family’s doorstep claiming the same. Why would she do that when she could just continue to hide behind her “I’m a city employee and can’t say anything further” statement (which she is very adept at using).

    Didn’t MAS records indicate that 2 dogs were brought in and placed in 2 separate cages? Given MAS’s less than accurate record keeping and their habit of rushing dogs to the death chamber, I fear that poor Kapone was one of those who had less than 30 minutes to be saved. He is a pit bull and he is old. That’s proven to be enough to get a dog a long walk to the kill room in the past.

    I SO hope I am wrong and Kapone is found alive.

    1. Perhaps they brought Hogan in to cut a deal and tell them who the real demons are in Kapone’s case…but, all in all, she IS the last one to have seen Kapone, so….

      All I know is if something awful DID happen to Kapone, I would be willing to backseat my own ethics for the first shot at the perp. Trust me, no other shot would be needed.

    2. I feel the same thing. Has anyone actually seen the tapes of the other one being processed (Hershey?) besides the mgmt at MAS? And they sure haven’t been very forthcoming to the family about what has taken place to look for him. It seems way to odd to me that she would fill out the paperwork for both dogs and have a paper trail – unless she’s just plain stupid. I think the family should start a lawsuit against MAS so that someone there would have to be deposed. The WHOLE thing stinks!

  6. There are so many different scenarios – I hope that we find out the truth.
    $100 bond? Hope this is not a “token” arrest just because of the pressure surrounding Kapone’s disappearance. Don’t trust any of them right now.

  7. here is what MAS says on their website:
    Overcrowding has forced MAS to impose a 72 hour minimum holding period before the animal becomes property of the City of Memphis. At the end of this time period, decisions must be made – will this animal be placed for adoption or will it have to be humanely euthanized? They strive to hold animals for as long as possible by placing them for adoption. However, because of public safety or in the best interest of the animal they are often must be humanely euthanized.

    so where is Kapone? did they hold him for 72 hours.. or 72 seconds…

  8. I may have missed a link somewhere along the line, but so far I have not read anything that explicitly states that this arrest is related to Kapone. In my mind, unless she used Kapone for dog-fighting, these animal cruelty charges could well be related to something else entirely. [I mean, “diversion” of Kapone en route to MAS would be THEFT, not cruelty, right?] I hope I am wrong about that. The Shoups need some answers and hopefully the return of their good old dog.

    1. @Donna: EXACTLY.

      I think there are still answers to be found at MAS. I’m not a “black helicopter” type person. However, I think that if someone could have made a quick $3K (now $6K) by returning an elderly “bait” dog, they’d do it in a heartbeat. Gawd, just typing that made me feel nauseated.

      I will continue to pray for the Shoup family and the well-being of their faithful old friend. Having just celebrated the 11th anniversary of my heart dog’s “gotcha day”, I can’t imagine the pain the Shoups are going thru.

      1. Anyone know yet what happened to Kapone???
        I think because of his age he was sent to the kill room or given for bait as pitt bull fighting…
        I feel so bad for the family of Kapone….Don’t
        give up until you know what happened to the little guy…

  9. Here is the web site one can go to in order to learn of her rap sheet…

    …Here is a very rough and humble (sorry, y’all) cut and paste of the bulk of this lady’s rap sheet

    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/610
    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/710
    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/670
    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/670
    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/670
    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/710
    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/710
    DEMETRIA HOGAN B F6/16/670

    I am sorry for not being the most adroit person when in comes to posting hyperlinks and all of that.


    Someone like this gal has no reason to work near animals or children or even elders really.

    That “Second Chance” program should not be the kind of program where someone in offered more chances than Job by any means at all. Gosh.

  10. You all assume that Ms. Hogan actually knows where kapone is! She was the last to see him? How do we know? Perhaps the last face Kapone saw belonged to the individula holding the deadly needle!! Yes it looks a bit fishy with her background and maybe she DOES know where he is but it’s seems mighty peculiar that the City is all to ready to throw her under the chopping block but HASN’T fired her!! maybe that’s because the City knows that Kapone will NEVER be found! Why you ask? Because Kapone was improperly euthanized AFTER he was dropped off at the shelter by Hogan! Think about it…this is the same shelter that was just in hot water last year due to it’s illegal euthanizations! Everything from not having trained ACOs to euthanize the dogs to euthanizing dogs without waiting the requisite 72 hour period!! When Kapone’s owner first started talking to the news she stated that she believed the dog had been improperly euthanized then all of a sudden it starts to get media coverage and the City throws Hogan to the dogs..literally! I think in the end it will be proven that Kapone was improperly euthanized because of poor record keeping…a problem that has been going on at the Shelter for YEARS! They just need to shut that place down and start over!! Also, if Hogan did do it, why would she take Kapone…the OLDER of the two dogs…I believe reports said he was 11 or 12…why not take the YOUNG 2 year female who had not been neutered?! I mean if it was all about making money! She could’ve made a TON off a pure breed, 2 year old, female pitbull! This whole thing is fishy! I would like a reporter to actually look for the TRUTH instead of jumping on the easiest answer…I think the problem lies with the City and this will be just another in a long list of problems if the real problem isn’t fixed. Kapone was brought in and his owner came to pick him up less than 24hours later…but he was “missing” and they blame Hogan…Hmmm, I bet Kapone was euthanized!! Look how easy it was for the City to get the bright light off him by offering up Hogan…now no one even questions whether Kapone was euthanized!

    1. Hogan is the last person known to have seen him alive. If she brought him in and put him in a kennel, she can say so and and say who was there at the time–who else saw Kapone then. And then that person can be questioned.

      I think there’s a high chance Kapone was killed that night, but the reason for stealing him rather than Jersey is that he was an intact male. You can collect lots of stud fees off a healthy intact male, without the hassle of being the one to deal with the puppies.

      1. Remember too that Janet Hooks’ statement on behalf of the city hinted that possibly surveillance footage from inside MAS showed only Jersey being brought inside the facility. I sure would like to see that footage. But since they haven’t even let the Shoup family see it (AFAIK), I doubt I’ll be laying my grubby eyes on it anytime soon.

      2. I posted above that I agree with this being really fishy. MAS has done nothing to work with this family. It stinks to high heaven. Why would she fill out paperwork for two dogs and include kennel numbers on the paperwork? I’m not saying she didn’t have anything to do with it – we won’t know the truth until someone from MAS starts talking and I think the only way that might happen is to file a lawsuit and start deposing everyone and demand to see the footage on that tape. It speaks volumes that they won’t show it to the family. Can it be had through Freedom of Info?

      3. Yes–in spite of everything I still want to believe Kapone was sold and is still alive. He looks great in the photos and it would be hard to tell his age unless you checked his teeth carefully, etc. A purebred staffie (with some fake papers) can bring in sizable stud fees. Especially one who loves people and is well-trained and easy to handle.

    2. The police report:

      On 06/24/11 at 1004hrs the defendant Demetria Hogan acting in the capacity of a City of Memphis animal control officer received a call to 1542 Oaken Bucket to retrieve two dogs being detained by Memphis Police officers. At 1045hrs defendant Hogan took custody of both dogs from Memphis Police and showed herself in route to the animal shelter. At 1114hrs defendant Hogan showed on her log sheet and contacted the dispatcher that she was in route to her home. The defendant Hogan showed herself on her log sheet back in route to the shelter at 1224hrs and arriving at 1250hrs with both dogs in her care. The defendant advised upon arrival she logged one of the dogs (KAPONE) in the shelter and placed him in the six hundred section of the holding area. Upon further investigation and reviewing video surveillance from the animal shelter, the defendant could not be seen arriving at the shelter or placing either dogs in any part of the shelter. At this time the dog (Kapone) hasn’t been located. At 1303hrs the defendant showed herself clearing the animal shelter with the second dog still on the truck. The defendant did not arrive back at the shelter until 1421hrs. Shelter supervisor Glenn Andrews stated he physically carried the second dog into the shelter at 1500hrs. Base on this statement from Mr. Andrews the second dog had been on truck for over four hrs. After conferring with District Attorney about this incident, she advised to charge the defendant with the listed charges.

      Cruelty to animals 39-14-202 (2) counts

    3. Jersey, the female, is a boxer/pit mix, not a pure pit.
      Kapone is a beautiful pure pit.

      1. Get on with it already it don’t take 3 weeks
        to find out what happen to someones dog. I’m
        really sick of reading this. It breaks my heart
        but the dog was killed of sold, one of the other.
        Get that monster to take a lie detector test.(Hogan)
        Something legal can be done quick. Get on it and maybe it’s not too late…

  11. unfortunately I think the charges are just window dressing to appease the public. It is two misdemeanor charges, with a grand total of $100 bond. She’ll be out faster than she came in.

    1. True, but two state level misdemeanor conviction bump it up to a felony.

      (g)(1) Cruelty to animals is a Class A misdemeanor.

      (2) A second or subsequent conviction for cruelty to animals is a Class E felony.

  12. I wonder why it hasn’t been reported that she picked up a total of 5 dogs that day? She was ONLY charged with 2 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty for transporting Jersey and Kapone to the shelter on an air conditioned van. Shouldn’t that be 5 counts of animal cruelty? …And she wasn’t charged with theft of property. Something in the milk ain’t clean. Sounds political to me. The next memphis mayoral’s race will be very interesting…

  13. Ew, creepy:

    Shoup said Hogan actually showed up on her doorstep days after the family publicized Kapone’s disappearance.

    “She just pretty much said she took both dogs to the shelter,” said Shoup. “And I really didn’t feel comfortable with this woman standing on my front porch with my children at home.”

  14. Is anyone checking the research companies that need older dogs to do research….Ms still has a law that says they can buy from the public I think….She may have sold him to those people….what other connections could she have had…..

    1. @Miss Lisa

      The only thing I know for sure is that it seems like things (like what you are writing of) fade out in Memphis once you get out of Shelby County to a fair degree. Then it picks back up again in Mississippi but not so much in Arkansas by any means.

      Quite sad.

  15. I saw on the No Kill Memphis FB website that Kapone had gotten into a scrap with another dog and because this woman didnt take him straight to MAS he died on the way there and now I guess they are covering it up? I dont know if this is true and maybe this is addressed later on but..yeah.

    Anyway, I hope this woman gets a lot higher of a bond than just $100. With all her charges against her youd think shed be breaking probation or something like that alone. Like Shirley I have no problem with the whole 2nd chance program thing, but dont put them in charge of caring for another individual like that. Most likely they wouldnt put them in a place where they would constantly surrounded by children, so why put them in a place surrounded by animals that cant speak up for themselves and all kind of euthanization medicine? It doesnt make sense.

  16. ACTION: Maybe contacting the Shoup family and letting them know we will support them and help them with donations towards legal fees would be helpful. A law suit against MAS filed by the Shoup family might start the right people talking so they can find out what happened to Kapone, and it might gain enough publicity to force an investigation and/or put the spotlight on Pepper and his staff and all the horrible things they do there every day. Just a thought…

    1. I’ve said the same thing. If they sue MAS then people will have to be deposed under oath (not that that will mean anything with these people I’m sure) but maybe just maybe they will start to get some answers. I think at this point it’s the only way to go. I know there is a lawyer who wrote a letter to the city attorney about the meetings being closed to the public, maybe she could help or point them in the right direction.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with a ChipIn for the Shoups to file charges against MAS, Hogan, and the Mayor.

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