Radio – I Be On It

I will be a guest on two no kill radio shows this weekend:

Saturday, July 16:  What Would Jeff Do? approximately 8:15am EST

Sunday, July 17:  Animal Wise Radio approximately 2:20pm EST

Animal Wise Radio can be heard live in the Mpls/St. Paul metro area on KYCR (AM1570), and KDWA (AM 1460)  also streaming at  Animal Wise Radio is also available nationally and internationally, broadcast to any mobile internet device via LIVE 365, a 24/7 Radio Network.  Find the live stream and podcasts at

You can listen live online to both shows and make fun of my dorky voice.

Added:  The podcast for What Would Jeff Do? is now up.  Podcast for Animal Wise Radio is here.

19 thoughts on “Radio – I Be On It

  1. your voice will be music to the ears of the animals you will be defending and protecting..I will try to listen.. if not will there be a podcast? I can lsiten while I walk my dogs!

  2. How awesome! Congrats! Let em know allllllll about MAS ;) LOL Ill try to catch Sundays show, Sat is way too early for me! lol

  3. Looking forward to your time on Animal Wise Radio this Sunday. It is worth mentioning, also, that we will have a LIVE online chat room going on at the same time. Hope everyone can join us.

  4. Thanks for tuning in Tammy and Clarice. Poor Billy was on keep-the-dogs-quiet duty for the duration of the segment. I think he needs a nap now, hehe.

    1. Thank you Maria.

      I don’t know how soon the first show’s podcast will be on their website. I think the show may actually still be going on live right now.

  5. Oh ok, I will tune in now & then wait for the archive link to post out, looking forward to tomorrow’s show too, thank you for speaking up for the animals xx

  6. Great stuff! You have a NICE voice!! Along with how important the things that you say are, use your voice with pride and confidence!! And thank you for your great writing and advocacy!!

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