9 thoughts on “Three at a Time

  1. And then they want us to be all nice and warm fuzzy with them on emails? Sorry, no do jive, mon.

  2. These dogs hardly look dangerous or severely sick. Just poor little doggers who happened to end up at MAS and will never have the chance for a home.
    Just so very sad . . .

    1. Exactly. Its not even like they are very old and dying anyway, they are just speeding up the process, they are just babies. :(

  3. What’s the deal with this pic? Did these 3 dogs go to the kill room were they placed in a kennel?

    1. You can file a FOIA request to find out for certain but you’ll likely be denied w/out the ID #s. And since only MAS has the ID #s…

      My belief is they were taken to the kill room, along with too many others that day.

  4. If we had film instead of just still shots….we wouldn’t have any doubt ……that’s why we need cams Memphis……Too bad those pups that appear to be listening to what is being said can’t talk…..but I don’t think they have to…..the obvious is evident enough….more then 155 missing and Kapone has not been returned……I think the pups are talking to those that will listen……Cams are needed to so the shelter’s second chance employees can prove themselves. If you have nothing to hide,,,,,,give an account.

  5. I don’t understand why they don’t put a live feed in. Scratch that I do understand but to logical people the reasons don’t make sense. Live feeds would make our lives harder. The 15 second refresh rate gives us time to copy / paste and look thru all the cameras. A live feed would be harder to record and you can only properly watch one at a time.

  6. How do I hook up to view the cameras? I’ve asked brfore. I do not know how or where to go to to keep my eyes on what’s going on. More eyes are better.

    When did all the people decide to get together & show up at MAS functions & not contact everyone else to have a show of force? I never know when anyone does anything! I always hear about it later through this site. Hey crowd, let me know when you need more bodies. I’m a body too! Contact me & let me know if/when a show of support is needed for the animals.

    I write & write letters but have not received a single reply from anyone, from the Mayor on down. I’ve written so many letters I’m beginning to believe they don’t even read them. But I have received a letter back from I.D.A. about MAS.

  7. Two days ago when I passed the billboard that was supposed to have the “Where’s Kapone & Reward” on it, it wasn’t there. Oh the billboard was there, just not the Kapone ad.It was a cool picture changing sign, but the ad was meaningless. Not a regular billboard but more like a TV screen, changing picture twice.

    Where IS Kapone?

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