I miss you already.

Well, crud.  The pretty dog who caught my eye on the MAS webcam this morning was in a cage with what appeared to me to be two other dogs.  A reader sent me some photos this afternoon and it looks as if all three dogs were taken to the kill room.  [Insert profanity here.]

Such a pretty dog.
Last walk.
Goodbye three dogs we didn't have the honor of knowing.

13 thoughts on “I miss you already.

  1. This just breaks my heart. What a horrible country with horrible people to murder our beloved friends. Cruel and horrible.

  2. MAS STOP THE KILLING! NO, I repeat NO AMOUNT of sucking up with oh, we’re updating PetHarbour and oh, we’ve gotten a grant for TNR and oh, we are so precious! Enough of the BS and hogwash MAS – YOU ARE STILL KILLING! TELL US WHY – I DEMAND YOU TELL US WHY. – Signed – the Sybil.

    1. I would have to say that things are not exactly as they seem with MAS.

      1. PetHarbour is incomplete as there aren’t any photos included for each dog taken in.

      2. FoMAS did get a grant for TNR. It is NOT for any of the feral cats brought into MAS. They will still be hauled off to be killed like always.

      3. It appears that Pitties are still killed right and left. Some even come in the front door and are taken directly to the kill room.

      4. There doesn’t seem to be any attempt to return any dogs to their owners after being picked up by animal control.

      Sorry to say they will have a long long ways to go before they garner any brownie points from me.

  3. *In Matthew Pepper’s voice* – Well, you know, no rescues responded so they were forced to take it to the euthanasia room.

    Matt – today’s word of the day for you is “Marketing”. If you really want dogs and cats to get adopted, MARKET THEM.

    1. Mikken- I totally agree! And when was the last time there was an offsite adoption event?…MONTHS ago….What good is posting on PetHarbor when there are no pictures and the first postings are from years ago?!

  4. “Marketing” should be the word of the day for Janis Fullilove as well.
    Janis, dear. People can’t adopt what they aren’t allowed to see.
    Stop killing animals so fast.
    Rotate them into the adoption area where people can see them and they can find homes.
    Hold public adopt-a-thons. Partner with local pet stores and Petsmarts, let the public see ALL the adoptable animals.
    Go on local TV shows with adoptable animals.
    Somebody in MAS management get off their lazy duffs and get working.

    1. Exactly. Its basically common sense that they dont seem to have. They are the ones out of touch with reality and irresponsible. This is just too sad. Poor beautiful dog. :(

  5. The advisory board over the past years underscored and gave Matthew Pepper leads and info on adoption venues. Marketing, incuding the importance of photos, was discussed at every meeting. Matthew Pepper said he would check into, follow up, do it and never would. You would think this passion he says he has for animals, a salary that truly boggles the mind for Memphis standards that he receives and the fact he is under additional scrutiny would motivate him to get busy marketing and having offsite adoptions. This whole operation is a travestry beyond words. The fact that it is allowed to continue is demoralizing to the community of caring citizens in Memphis. The lessons to be learned are what? Matthew Pepper should leave this position as it too much for him to handle, and thousands of innocent lives are being extinguished daily…and not before having to go through a terrifying, fearful end to their lives. Please have mercy on the innocent animals. Mr Pepper, please find a another job. Do the right thing and allow justice to work itself out. Please leave… the City of Memphis and unconditionally animals deserve better than what you have demonstrated as the manager of this operation.

    1. I think we all should send this post to Matthew Pepper and the others on “the list” – great post!

      1. It is a great post, but no one reads what I send them. We have to reach the people of Memphis who have some power with their votes. Wharton, Pepper and their minions don’t want to change a thing. I fear the changes they are saying they are going to make are nothing more than window-dressing to try and make us go away.
        I am not going anywhere!

  6. Exactly. I dont really understand how hard it is to at least TRY to get some of the dogs adopted out, which usually means giving them a little more time than they give them and letting the public actually see them (what a concept!), even if it means having to dress up as a dog singing “Who Let The Dogs Out” to do it lol.

  7. Great post, Concerned Citizen of Memphis…only thing wrong is asking Pepper or anyone else at MAS to resign. Why should they? They don’t have to do a thing, yet receive a nice paycheck. No, we are going to have to force them to go…one way or another…

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