Good Morning!

Just a quick note to say I’m baaaaaaaack.  I missed you all.  The No Kill Conference was very rewarding and a bit exhausting.  I took notes at all the workshops I was able to attend and will share something of each.  I only wish I could have attended so many more.  It was my great pleasure and honor to meet so many wonderful advocates from all over the country.  And – awesome foodie thing – I got taken out to a tres fancy breakfast at the Mayflower Hotel by Christie Keith and David Greene from Pet Connection!  I’m sure Christie will buy all of you breakfast there next year if you are able to attend the conference so I would definitely recommend going.

I’ve approved all the comments in the moderation queue and answered 2 e-mails so far.  There are a hundred more to go so bear with me.  I have to attend to some mundane tasks necessary for life’s sustenance but I’ll be posting more on the conference later today.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Welcome back! Followed the posts of David snd Christie…Posted the Nevada HS pdf file on “How we Did It” and already heard from a poster they would be introducing it to their officials as a way to go no kill….so very good indeed!

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