Chesterfield Co Animal Control Officers Fired

The four ACOs from Chesterfield Co, SC who were allegedly shooting dogs to death in a landfill near the pound as a form of “euthanasia” have been fired.  They weren’t fired because Sheriff Sam Parker – who oversees the pound – finally put his foot down and announced it was unacceptable to shoot dogs to death, nor were they fired due to discrepancies related to the pound’s “euthanasia” drugs (which were apparently not being used on pets).  The four men were fired, after a five month vacation on the taxpayers’ dime, not because they were allegedly beating cats’ heads in with pipes, but according to Fox Charlotte:

Parker says the decision was budgetary.

Sheriff Parker issued a statement regarding the situation which can be read here.  It basically says everyone makes mistakes, keep your opinions to yourself, the Attorney General’s office hasn’t made a ruling on the case – oh and “God’s creatures” blah.

So apparently there are some openings in Chesterfield Co for people who like to torture pets.  Animal abusers, come on down.

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  1. Chesterfield County, SC sounds like it is run by a bunch of idiots, with the Sheriff being the biggest idiot of all.

  2. Considering what I just went through in putting my dog down, this makes me sick. I don’t even like to see road kill. Animals have better dispositions than many people I know. They deserve respect.

    1. Thats right Tim….some people need to be put down themselves for doing such a thing…karma will get them

  3. Brian Burch and his cronies are gone, that’s the good news. Brian Burch was reprehensible and sadistic. The ‘good old boy” syndome is alive and well in certain of NC’s counties, and this happened to be one of them I read the news article on Fox Charlotte and if you read between the lines these bastards were fired because of misconduct and not, as the sheriff says, “budget” The tiers of law enforcement, local politicians and corruption are as an onion. You have to peel it, one layer at a time. Change is happening in NC albeit not in time to save those innocents incarcerated in the concentration camps here in NC. I know, I live here.

    1. Chesterfield Co is in SC.

      The ACOs are finally off the payroll but have they been convicted of animal cruelty so that their names will pop up when someone does a search? Have they been barred from owning or working with pets? Have they paid their debt to society?

      Has Chesterfield Co and/or the state of SC sent a clear message to animal abusers that WE DO NOT TOLERATE THAT HERE?

      Until we can answer yes to these questions, I just can’t get excited about this news.

      1. “Has Chesterfield Co and/or the state of SC sent a clear message to animal abusers that WE DO NOT TOLERATE THAT HERE? ”

        Nope. The message is, “We do as we like, no matter how horrific as long as we’re all buddies. ” Only the political heat made any sort of change and then it was whitewashed with “budgetary considerations”. Ethical/moral considerations simply did not figure in.

    2. I live in NC….Caswell County to be exact…. They kill on Tuesday and Fridays for space. And it’s not humane! I’ve seen it! Then they dump the bodies in the landfill. I’ve tried to help with networking… nope they don’t want the help… They want to only have cute little fluffy puppies that don’t get adopted out of the shelter . They have to sit in those concrete kennels till a rescue from up north comes to get hem… it may take 6 weeks. In the meantime everything else dies to keep puppies alive for ! (one) rescue.

      1. Take photos, Dot. Send them to the local papers with an explanation of what’s going on. Maybe when people realize what the shelter is up to, they’ll help you petition for change.

      2. No-one in this county cares about the shelter or the animals. It’s privately run. Now I’m not allowed to take photos or volunteer. I used to foster for them,,, now I foster for a GA shelter.

      3. I meant take photos of the bodies getting dumped at the landfill. That might stir some people up?

  4. Glad they won’t be in close proximity with the animals anymore, but they do need to answer for what they did! Hopefully the void will be filled with someone who really loves animals and will do right by them.
    Is it me or is the whole world going crazy right now?

    1. How do you know they won’t be in close proximity to animals? Maybe Ohio is looking for some ACO’s, or Michigan? I’m sure they’d go to the top of the hiring list at MAS today…
      Betcha their resume says they have YEARS of animal control experience…and gives the sheriff as a reference and everything!
      And when somebody calls the sheriff…why times are tuff and that bozo was fired because of budgetary concerns. Boo hoo.

  5. At least they’re gone. I can only hope that karma seeks them out. Hard.

    Please let some decent human being step in and take over there, please…

  6. all of the shelters across the united states and the rest of the world need to undergo a MAJOR overhaul. there is no excuse for this kind of abuse to go on anywhere. better backround checks need to be done and in depth. no more work release prisoners from the prisons. all of these animals in these shelters deserve to be treated humanly…hence the term HUMANE society. If the people running these places can’t get the right kind of people to work for them…they need to go and someone needs to step up and take responsibility for these animals and take their position SERIOUSLY

  7. This utterly makes me sick. There needs to be some serious changes in our city shelter systems! Shelters need to be filled with people who love animals and who are looking out for their best interest, not people who are amused by their torture and pain. Our tax dollars are paying for them to do this!

  8. You stupid horrible sub-humans! I can only HOPE that the universe offers the same (and worse) to you!!!

  9. I realize acts of brutal violence against homeless animals who were placed in shelters for their care and protection happen all over the US and on what seems to be a regular basis, but it truly saddens me and sickens me every time I hear about another occurrence. Target practice on dogs? Beating cat’s head’s in with a pipe? How do people who do these things sleep at night?

  10. Some punishment. Fired after getting paid for doing nothing for 5 months. No investigation of dog fighting, illegal dumping, misappropriation of funds, drug dealing. This is an insult to the dogs that they killed.

  11. According to the Chesterfield County web-site, as of August 4, 2011, there are NO current openings for any Animal Control Officers.

    This means that someone has made a BIG mistake.

    Chesterfield Human Resource Manager Peggy Smith will be available to take your inquiries into this matter beginning at 8:30 am Eastern Time: (843) 623-2535

  12. The Chesterfield County Animal Control Office is available to take comments and questions at (843) 623-3585 during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday).

  13. Wait, so they werent really fired then?

    Anyway, I read about this situation MONTHS ago and was waiting some sort of response/consequence. Now we get one but it sucks. These guys shouldve been kicked out a long time ago, regardless of budgetary reasons. Now, since it is because of budgetary reasons, it makes me wonder:
    1. Are they going to get ANY punishment for their actions (jail time, whatever), instead of just being fired? Probably not.
    2. When they go to get another job, they will be fine because it wont be because of animal cruelty, it will be just like they got laid-off.
    3. When the sherriff, who was just as bad in this case if not worse, goes to hire new people he wont be caring about hiring someone who is actually compassionate because he wont care, so the cycle will go around again.

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