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I love looking through old boxes of assorted stuff – buttons, jewelry, whatever.  What made me think of that?  I was just looking through the photos of these assorted treasures at the Henry Co shelter in GA.

Police went to the former owner’s home to arrest him on an unrelated charge when they discovered 38 dogs in the home.  Animal cruelty charges were added and the owner surrendered the dogs to the shelter.

The little buttons range in age, appear to be related and were apparently never let outdoors.  As such, mosquitoes didn’t get to the dogs and all that have been tested so far have come up negative on heartworm.  The owners had no records of veterinary care for the dogs.  Their main challenges are readily treatable – heavy flea infestations and rotten teeth (already started on antibiotics).

They are very friendly buttons in the main and the few who are timid warm up pretty quickly with a little one-on-one TLC.  All but one of the dogs appears to be intact so adopters/rescuers need to plan on having neuter surgery for the dogs.

Henry Co has already placed 14 of the dogs with rescues and wants to find each little treasure a spot on someone’s couch.  The shelter is adopting these guys out at a reduced fee of $35 each which includes first distemper combo shot, pre-paid voucher for rabies shot, registered microchip and de-worming.  Licensed rescues pay $10.

The shelter has some specific needs for the group, including a bottle of Virbantel to treat tapeworms and volunteers who don’t mind getting wet as all the dogs need flea baths.

All these pets were submitted by reader Gerri whom you can meet at the shelter if you go down to lend a paw or have a look-see at the li’l buttons.

Henry County Animal Care and Control

527 Hampton Street

McDonough, Georgia 30253

770-288-PETS (7387)

This shelter’s kill rate for 2010 was 49%.

13 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. Oh, what a lovely group of doggies. I love the expression of the dog in the second picture. I’ll be sharing and posting. I hope they all get adopted soon!

  2. oh what cuties. I love #2 as well, looks like he is missing some teefuses! LOL. I hope they get good homes!

  3. We’ve set up a website where you can take a look at all the dogs from this situation. The photos are removed once the dogs are adopted / rescued. Here’s the link;

    Any volunteers that would like to come out to help bathe and groom these guys or just sit in the shelter (thank goodness for air conditioning!) and give these guys some some much needed TLC and attention, please give us a call at (770) 288-7387!

    Thanks so much!
    Gerri Yoder
    Henry County Animal Care and Control Shelter
    McDonough, Ga
    (where it’s supposed to be a frosty 98 degrees today!)

    1. Bless you for doing such a good job with photos and write-ups for these pups. Hoping they can all find good homes where they will be treated with the love and care they so desperately need.

  4. I’d LOVE to come bathe and groom each and every one of them…maybe I’ll go see what needs doing at my local shelter as I can’t afford the airfare. There’s got to be something closer to home that I can help?! (I want to trim those nails…)

  5. My kingdom for just one rescue group that doesn’t walk through and visit with these dogs and then say, “Sorry..too old…we can’t take oldies.” Am I the only one out there that thinks that senior dogs ROCK?!

  6. These guys remind me of the hoarder dogs (there were around 100) that Animal Friends took in about ten years ago. Little beagle mixes who had been playing Hapsburg for a decade or so inside a row house that is better left undescribed. They were skinny, stinky, scared, full of cooties and none too clean. Most were best described as feral.

    I fostered two of them, two of the skinniest little bitches who were both in season, and once they learned that they were not going to fly off the earth when they got out from under a roof, that the grass could not actually eat them, that food would be forthcoming twice a day, every day, forever — they just bloomed. Awesome little lap dogs.

    1. How did the housetraining go? I’m curious because if a dog has never been outdoors, I’m thinking it might take longer than usual to achieve reliable results but then again, maybe not.

  7. Awww. I wish I could take them all. The 2nd one reminds me of my dog a little. They are all cute though! Hope they find a new home soon :(

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