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Fat cats, puppy lovers, et al.

Oh and I’m including a music video of my favoritest song of ever.  The song is not new but I’ve only just seen the video for the first time recently so the vid is new to me.  And it’s got goggies running around a mall so it’s not as if I’m blatantly abusing my own open thread.

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    1. A lot of people think I have a dog named Biscuit. I don’t but it’s a good name for a dog so maybe someday I will. I just picked that name because – you know that saying “Bad dog, no biscuit!”? Well I like the positive counterpart of that – “Good dog, yes biscuit!”.

      1. Recently watched a rerun of “Modern Family”. A man wanted funding for his invention….good and bad dog treats.
        If your dog was bad, he got a treat from the bad dog treats.
        If your dog was good, he got a treat from the good dog treats.
        Problem was, the treats were all the same. :)

  1. I am looking for places to advertise adoption events. I have found the community calenders for my area, and the newspapers are of course on the list but I can’t seem to find many places online. Are there sites that advertise adoption events or is this something that just has to be very local?


    1. you might try “Animal World USA” if there is a “week for the Animals” in your state, I think they post events.

  2. GRRREAT video – who are the artists? Imagine if we did something like that outside the Mayor’s offices on a workday!!!!! Change the lyrics, and Dance/Sing! He HA! Of course, let Jeni know in advance and get someones to shoot it from all angles…..Wheeeeee!

  3. Joni Mitchell, Iced T and The Edge all love this song also.
    Include me in that list.

    You Get What You Give

  4. Does anyone else wonder why there are so few volunteers at MAS? Doesn’t that seem strange? After all, we have so many animal lovers (I am being serious) in Memphis……Does anyone know why? I have heard from a few volunteers that they are treated so poorly – sometimes leaving in tears….it’s a shame those in charge don’t embrace those volunteers – instead of appreciating them, they are running them off. Guess who suffers?! Yes, it’s the animals….

  5. Defintely felt like that waitress today. lol, thanks I needed the laugh. Feel much better now.

    btw …

    Where’s Kapone?

      1. I’ll just have to “arrange” for others to miss meetings. mwahahaha. just kidding. really.

  6. Shirley,

    Would you mind helping us out with Chesterfield County, SC? We currently have a hundred posts on Governor Haley’s FB page after she announced the closing of the investigation, but we need an overwhelming response to gain her attention. Emails can help too. I believe this is finally our chance to make real things happen…

    Thank you,

    Molly Moo

      1. I was just hoping you could write about the continuing saga of the Chesterfield County incident so that we can draw more people into a more concerted effort. Since the Attorney General’s announcement, there are 107 posts on Governor Haley’s FB page and I’m sure there are several emails. I would like to drum up many more people to continue to contact her about Chesterfield (versus letting it die down as she may hope). There is momentum here and I would like to keep it going so that she gets a sense that this issue is larger than she realizes and may start working with us. We are also talking about organizing a peaceful protest this fall in Columbia and we need support to gain momentum and participants in this venture also. They need to see a sea of voters who they know will not back down. Simple ideas, but worth a try.

        The sad thing about this situation is not only the horrific violence that these shelter employees meted out, the lack of a thorough investigation, and that these perpetrators are on the street after a nice five month paid vacation after the good ol’ boys let them off, but that this ‘shelter’ still has no walls, the animals still don’t have food, and the same sheriff is still running the facility. His first order this week since the ruling: how long the animals have before being killed. His second order: to replace the perps with more of the same within a couple of days.

        The concern is if we continue on the path of hodge-podge attempts here and there across the internet or in the physical world, with no support, organization, or momentum, nothing is going to change beyond some of the good work going on to enhance this broken down system. Without people like us being in charge to be able to change things, the only way to gain power (and the attention of those who are in power) is through numbers of people who are organized and who push change through sheer force of will (non-violent, of course). We need to move on to the next step…just thought you might like to help.

  7. Keywords to get her attention. Shirley YesBiscuit!
    Looks like Chesterfield SC is about to get swept under the rug.

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