A Few Photos to Share

This was our workshop on Advocacy Blogging on day one of the No Kill Conference last weekend.

On day two, I attended Christie's Keith's workshop on Getting More Media. I enjoyed the material but also wanted to share this photo because it shows how close I got to sit to an actual for real beauty queen. (You can see her crown and sash in the audience.)

Ladies Man Henry in his new foster home.

I can't wrap my brain around the fact that MAS was minutes away from putting this dog in a dumpster. Thank goodness for the damn irresponsible public, again.

5 thoughts on “A Few Photos to Share

  1. Good dogs are killed all the time at MAS…no real effort for imaginative ways to adopt more, no real effort to accept help, no change in employees and management…..NO CHANGE IN THE #’s of dead dogs and cats….no change in the way animals are treated before being killed!

  2. Wow, Henry you lucky dog, 3 beautiful ladies to pamper you. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all of the dogs at MAS could have such luck.

  3. Henry is even better in person! He is SUCH a sweet boy- loves the ladies!!!! Just a HUGE bundle of love! Thank you all for saving this gentle giant!!!

  4. Awww! So cute. Thats how every dog’s life should be, just laying around in his/her home, getting belly rubs. Thats the first thing my dog does when we walk in the house (rolls over for us to rub her belly)- even when its a friend or someone she doesnt know (she thinks every guest is for her lol)!

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