I feel sick.

Readers have sent in several grabs from the MAS webcams this morning.  One of the MAS workers seen in the apparent dogfighting shot is visible in some of the grabs.  Warning:  Ain’t none of it pretty.

Workers stick TWO chokepoles into a cage housing one dog at MAS.
Poor dog - 3 workers and 2 chokepoles.
What is going on with this poor dog?


Three MAS workers and one small dog on a chokepole.
The little dog is being hoisted to an upper tier cage by the chokepole. (Click to enlarge.)
Everybody gets in the little dog's space and stares at him once he's locked in the cage.

Damn MAS – When I asked “What next?” in my last post, I meant it rhetorically.  You can stop torturing dogs now.  Seriously.

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  1. A small dog on a chokepole- are you kidding me? The workers know less than nothing about handling animals. It is like the whole US is ignoring what is happening right on camera!

  2. Are they trying to goad and see if something will actually be done about their appalling behavior? Or are they just torturing because they get some sick pleasure from it?

    1. Up untill now I have not wanted to make personal comments on various workers actions, however there does not seem to me to be any reason it takes three very large men to subdue a very small scared dog. Perhaps the poor dog made a mess that one of them had to clean up. For some reason I get the feeling they are being vendictive towards the little fella and then punish him by putting in a small cage? Why is he of such interest to them and why the need to move him anyway? All very odd.

  3. We were not able to see the head of the brown dogfight dog. Any chance that “triple-teamed” little dog could be that same dog?

    1. I would think it’s the first bigger brown dog facing the cameras. Image 3. In the fighting pic you can see the brown dog has some markings like that one, white on the head, the white toes, and the patch of light/missing fur on his back.

  4. doesn’t this just perpetuate the cycle of psychosis in people?
    i;m thinking along the lines of how people that mistreat and abuse animals are the ones that end up serial killers, etc….
    and this shelter allows such behaviors?

  5. Every time I look into the eyes of my (3) dogs (which I do multiple times each day), I can’t imagine what kind of human being could ever harm them! My dogs look at me with such love and trust. They bring such comfort, joy and love into my life and I can’t imagine living without them! I just don’t understand how ANYONE can treat an innocent animal as though they are worth nothing and deserve to be abused/killed. Dear God, I pray for these sick people…..may they come to see the light and treat all amimals with respect and love!

  6. This is just so disgusting, it needs to be stopped, and stopped now. All of these people, including the mayor need to be thrown in jail for a very long time. That poor little dog. :(

  7. how is this kind of behavior still tolerated and supported by some? I do not understand! Shame, shame shame, or any one who has the position that can end this and yet does nothing!

    1. There is one already going, based upon previous disturbing webcam images which were all taken out of context and showed nothing but sunshine and flowers.

  8. What can be done to stop this? This is sickening to watch how these “animals” can torture the dogs!! There has to be a way to stop this kind of treatment…..Please someone do something!

  9. I think to take a job in animal control knowing what you have to do is sick in itself. You have to be a sadistic person to stomach that and not have any compassion for these animals. This is just appalling to me and it needs to stop! No animals in the cages they are immediately put down once they come in to the shelter! are you serious! Dog fighting knowing that they are going to be put down anyway is beyond sick! What can we do to control the animal population so these sick drones get paid to do this?!!! Shut THEM DOWN!!!

  10. If these pictures are made public over and over and over and over again, possibly by renting space on a page of their newspaper or sending a bunch of them to various television stations (or both), would not SOMEBODY be FORCED to take some kind of positive action for the animals? Those workers appear to be enjoying the torture (it appears that one of them is smiling in this and the picture posted yesterday of the 2 dogs on choke poles) and that’s not acceptable!

  11. damn shame that 3 grown men(?) treat and stare down a small dog like that…….when a man lacks confidence or self esteem he will treat others like crap. great character trait?????

  12. I have a sick feeling looking at these and I want to know what the hell is going on at this shelter and I want to know right now! I’m in CA, how do the locals feel about this going on at the local shelter where their pets go when they’re lost?

  13. These are criminals,,,,,they will only have one type of mentality and that is a demonic criminal vicious mind and actions…..How many of these videos and abuse of these animals are we going to have to endure before something is done…what is holding the authorities back ……it wouldn’t take *** PETA*** this long to save an endangered species……or attack a movie star for wearing a fur…..what is the hold up on the exposure of this shelter and Memphis TN……???????? What’s up PETA and Memphis, TN

    1. My Letter to PETA and Their Reply:::::

      My daughters dog was Kapone that recently came up missing after being picked up by the Memphis Animal Shelter…..DO SOMETHING….Look at the site posted below YesBiscuit ……..DO SOMETHING http://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/i-feel-sick/comment-page-1/#comment-18673 These are criminals,,,,,they will only have one type of mentality and that is a demonic criminal vicious mind and actions…How many of these videos and abuse of these animals are we going to have to endure before something is done.what is holding the authorities back ..it wouldn’t take *** PETA*** this long to save an endangered species..or attack a movie star for wearing a fur…what is the hold up on the exposure of this shelter and Memphis TN.Animals are needlessly dying .What’s up PETA and Memphis, TN???????? The administrator resigned yesterday.


      Dear Ms. Patterson,

      Thank you for contacting PETA regarding the Memphis Animal Services (MAS) shelter. We share your worries about reported conditions and recent incidents, including the photo circulating the Internet purportedly showing workers engaged in dog fighting. Unedited video footage released by the mayor’s office in response to the allegation seems to support the city’s position that this was neither intentional nor a criminal act of staging a dog fight. However, we’re deeply concerned by the workers’ apparent extreme negligence to take precautions which would’ve prevented the fight from occurring, as well as their handling of the animals while attempting to separate them. Basic safety protocol should always mandate that dogs who might fight (even if they haven’t shown aggression) never come in contact with other animals and that only one dog is handled per worker. Clearly, the workers in question used extremely poor judgment and we’re urging city officials to implement strict policies without delay to better protect animals (as well as staff, volunteers, and the public, who could’ve easily been injured).

      Please know that we understand your daughter’s heartbreak over Kapone’s tragic disappearance. You may be aware that PETA added up to $2,000 to your family’s reward offer for information leading to Kapone’s safe return. We hope with all our hearts that he comes home soon and we’ll continue to be vigilant in following up on any tips to make sure the information is given to authorities right away.

      Thank you again for taking time to write.

      Jennifer Brown, Animal Sheltering Advisor
      Cruelty Investigations Department
      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
      Phone/Fax 630-966-8895

      1. PETA was busy having two women shower together in Columbia, SC today. Their policy on Pitbulls is that they should be forcibly sterilized at least, and preferably killed. They think only slightly better of Pitbull owners. PETA kills more than 90% of the pets they take in. They’ve been doing that for years. They only “help” with a pet situation if they see something in it for them – like a way to make an undercover video to generate donations. They are no friend to pets.

  14. Its good that PETA replied back and sounded concerned, even if I dont care for their policies/kill-rates.

    Anyway, dont we already know that Kapone died in the back of the truck due to heatstroke? Or was that the other dog? I cant remember now.

    1. Jessica – the dog that died from heatstroke was a dog former ACO Hogan picked up and drove around with for an extended period of time, allegedly to avoid arrest by the cops waiting to pick her up on charges related to the “disappearance” of Kapone.

  15. Ooh okay. Thanks Shirley. My memoy’s awful, especially when it comes to all the awful stuff that goes on there, because there is so much of it.

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