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    1. Sadly, no. I read that the ACO who “lost” him was offered a deal if she would just tell where he is but she declined. She has been charged with animal cruelty over his “disappearance”.

      1. I don’t know much about TN, but here in PA they
        don’t give up until they have all the answers.
        If it were me, I would be at MAS DAILY….

  1. Which would lead to the conclusion that she is either involved in dog fighting or gave the dog to someone who is. Maybe a stretch, but I doubt it, especially if she won’t give up the information of his whereabouts that might lead to a fight bust.

    1. Of course we are all inclined to speculate in the absence of hard evidence. It does seem sensible to think that, if for example Kapone was living as a friend’s pet in a yard somewhere, she would have said to the friend “Look, this has gotten way outta hand, I’m sorry but I gotta take the dog back” and put an end to the whole thing.

      1. Remember, she’s no accused of having any common sense. She’s just stupid enough to think she has gotten away with it. She has gotten away with so much before, hasn’t she?

  2. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone please reads this and either calls or passes it along. It is from the Sos Memphis Facebook page and is legit as all get out (y’all have my word on that). I am sorry for not knowing the html behind blogs and so all I can do is cut and paste the link and the plea.


    Sos Memphis

    Would you please send a plea for everytone to call Mayor Wharton’s office 901-576-6000 and ask him to pick up the phone and call Memphis Animal Services and order that they STOP THE KILLING there today? This is outrageous. They have dogs piled into cages, dogs dying in cages, owner surrenders being walked straight to the kill room and NOT ONE OF THESE DOGS HAS… A CHANCE! I have written to the Mayor and to Matthew Pepper this morning asking them to please open up the stray area to the public. I offered to help promote adoptions on the blog. I’m sure the local media would be interested in the story and that would promote adoptions much more than I ever could. Maybe it might only save ONE DOG, I don’t know but saving ONE DOG seems pretty appealing to me right now. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing adopters in to meet and touch the strays. I understand they are crowded, so why not at least give these dogs a chance before killing them?

    If you make the call, please document it. All their refusals to listen to lifesaving ideas should be documented and sent to the Rotary Club, the city council, the attorney general and HSUS (who will apparently be doing an evaluation). If you can not make the call, please ask a spouse, partner, co-worker, or friend to do it.

  3. Unless she fears for her life, she’d be better off with a deal than being convicted (since she has a record). I would think it likely that her attorney believes she won’t be found guilty on the Kapone count. Whether she’s guilty or not, the state must prove guilt, beyond reasonable doubt.

    1. She may beat the Kapone charge but the charge regarding the dog she allegedly drove around while he suffered and died in order to avoid the cops might be harder to beat.

      1. Yep, but they have to prove that too. I think the Casey Anthony trial shows that what the public sees and a jury/judge sees are two different things. I’ve been on juries where most of the discussion was on how inept the prosecutors were. On one, we absolutely HATED the defendant, knew he was guilty as sin, but still couldn’t call him guilty based on the evidence presented. And we spent two days trying.

    1. haha – yeah I figured you didn’t mean Casey Anthony! The Memphis ACO has not had her day in court yet and is of course considered innocent until proven guilty. No trial date has been set AFAIK. Hell, they still haven’t tried the 3 management people who were arrested after the 2009 raid. You know how defense lawyers can drag things out for years…

      1. The prosecution just surrendered the discovery documentation this month for Alexander et al.. Next court date is Sept.19

  4. I need advice. i have a friend who is planning on breeding his pitbulls (one of which was rescued from RC). I have had several civil conversations with him about why it is irresponsible of him, but he doesn’t listen. He wants to “make money”. I know, I know… you are wondering how he can be my “friend”. But anyway, my next move is going to be to offer to pay for the spaying and nuetering of both of them. If he turns me down, i need some real convincing things to say to him to get him to understand the sheer quantity of amzing, pure breed pibbles that are euthanized in this area every. single. day. I also am working to get some of the people who help “rescue” the dogs from our local RC to make sure they get altered.

    1. If he want’s to make money you need to break the numbers down to him. figure out (on average) how much a person is willing to pay for a backyard pit. Is that dollar amount greater than the whelping supplies, time, vetting/worming and general work of a litter of pups? Unless he doesn’t plan on doing any of that – there’s not a huge profit in breeding the occasional litter.

      1. People are willing to pay for what they perceive as a quality investment. For example, have the parents been screened for genetic diseases common in the breed? If so, people are willing to pay for a pup that comes with a written guarantee for refund/replacement should the pup develop one of these diseases. If not, why does he anticipate anyone would pay him money for the Pit pups when they are available quite often for free or for very little from newspaper ads, rescues, pounds, etc?

    2. Invite him out to lunch and a trip to the nearest kill shelter. Show him all the Pit Bulls on death row. Sit him down in front of Petfinder and show him all the Pit Bulls in need of a home. Ask him to think it over.

    3. When Jackie and I were writing the ordinance for the ban of the roadside sale of animals in Memphis, we researched for months to get the stats. The average litter sold roadside – in a parking lot- contained 6-8 puppies going for a minimum of $100 each.. Many times for $200 and more.
      Do the math…
      There is no fee for any whelping supplies/worming/shots/etc.
      The dog is pregnant…she gives birth…they sell the puppies. She has complications…she dies…they get another female.
      This is not a breeder who cares…this is a guy who sees a method to make an easy buck.
      Take him to a high kill shelter…show him the many pits waiting to be killed. Show him what you want..but I bet he still breeds them for an easy buck.

    4. I go to the “did you know there’s an STD they can get and give to you?” line. And then let them know Brucellosis will cause THEM to become sterile. It seems to be a testosterone thing with men who want to breed their big ,bad , pit bull.It seems to deflate their ego/manhood when they find out that a small cut on their own skin can allow the virus into their system ;)

      1. There’s no blood.

        You don’t want to know anything else. I am leaving before I kill the person in the next booth at Panera just because he’s a human being.

        Nite all and have a good weekend. Hug your loved ones.

  5. apparenly, this won’t be the first time he does this. So, he must have “made money” in the past… which leads me to believe (gulp), that he probably doesn’t properly vet the puppies…etc. :(

  6. There is an organized annual event in which they catch and brutally kill snapping turtles as a public spectacle in Indiana. It is scheduled for tomorrow and there are phone #s to call to protest this in the article. I did not watch the videos. For some reason, some people seem to have a bizarre predilection for violence against snapping turtles. I once did a large drawing of a snapping turtle and had notecards printed of it. For some reason, people would find it necessary to tell me their nasty little stories of what they did or witnessed being done to snapping turtles upon seeing the picture. Bizarre.

  7. Ugh, I cannot even begin to explain the mentality of people in this region. It’s like they’ll pay a lot of money for one of these dogs (but not from a legit breeder, cuz they would ask questions like: “do you have a fenced in yard?” and “who is your vet?”), and then they don’t care if it runs around the neighborhood, contracts HW, or starves on a chain. I guess they just wanna brag that they paid $xxxxxx for their dog that don’t give a rat’s @$$ about?

  8. The guy who’s breeding his “pit bull” for profit…forget trying to educate him, because there are no brain cells to influence. Just find out how many litters there have been, price per puppy, calculate the total and anonymously call the IRS on him for unreported income.

  9. One last note, then I quit this convo. My 2 dogs & 2 cats cost me an average of $200/month. That’s NOT considering ANY vet costs. That is merely food, flea & tick control, heartworm prevention and of course, treats! I can’t imagine how I could make ANY money if any of them were to breed! Also, I find that altered pets “behave” better. Just my opinion.

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