Memphis Under the Influence

MyFoxMemphis reports:

John Coats is charged with DUI, Public Intoxication, Reckless Driving, and Refusal to Take a Blood Alcohol Test.

Police say he fell asleep in his car in a Walgreens’ parking lot with his foot on the gas. Smoke was apparently billowing from the hood.

This guy is the president of the Rotary Club – the one Mayor Wharton was so excited about doing the MAS evaluation, despite the fact that it’s well, a rotary club and not in any way an organization familiar with running animal shelters.

Guess who Mr. Coats reportedly asked for – repeatedly – when the cops found him in his slumped stupor?  Yes, in times of trouble, to whom would Mr. Coats reach out for help?

He also asked to speak with Mayor AC Wharton several times.

Anyone else thinking that future Rotary Club eval of MAS is already written and has the mayor’s seal of approval emblazoned in gold on the cover?

Methinks Mr. Coats’ car hood is not the only thing smoke is billowing from in Memphis.

11 thoughts on “Memphis Under the Influence

  1. I wonder if we could all write our local Rotary Club and ask them to put presure on Memphis. The Rotary Club has rules and I imagine the Memphis chapter is not following the rules and making the organization look bad. An old boss of mine ripped me off once, my Grandfather called him out on it. Being a rotarian he needed to conduct his business in a more professional fashion. If he didn’t then he could of gotten on trouble with the club.

  2. Well, the fellow obviously has an issue with drinking and I would not wish that on my worse enemy.

    Funny how he asked for the Mayor of Memphis and not Jesus or his mama :) or someone like that, eh?

    The Rotary Club was to “submit” their “findings” after Wharton was (maybe or maybe not) re-elected. I figure Wharton will actually be re-elected because of how he hasn’t competition as of right now at all and also because there are just now term limits in Memphis. Prior to Wharton there was but one Mayor for 18 years.

    So. What everyone has learned is that Coats and Wharton are totally good pals and that would more or less answer the question as to why a Rotary Club was asked to do an audit of the MAS.

  3. I am not sure if this makes me want to laugh or cry… It’s just a never-ending circus in Memphis.

  4. Or below is the website for their international president.

    The Rotary 4-way Test used to see if a planned action follows with the rotarian spirit.
    1. Is it the truth?
    2. Is it fair to all concerned?
    3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
    4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

    Is Memphis following the Rotary 4-way test?

  5. Yessir, step right up for the most exhilirating circus eevent of the season. See the Fat Lady of tattoos, the Mayor who Lost Kapone, the Man who carries dogs by their skin AND the Rotarian of the Month! You’ve never seen a show like this one, fer sure. Only your tax money to get inside yessiree!

  6. Maybe he was drowinging his sorrow in a bottle after spending time at MAS.

    I’m with Nicci W.; not sure whether to laugh or cry about this one.
    How demoralizing for the Rotary Club, other civic groups, the Memphis business community, and all those Memphians who held a glimmer of hope that the Rotary Club evaluation might open the door just a little to some change at MAS.

    And he asked for the mayor?? Seriously??

  7. Some of us already suspected something “was up” and now “asking to speak to Wharton” it appears that suspicions were right. I am confident when the evaluation was completed, one more time, the over 70% kill rate is to be expected with all the “bad” dog owners, the pictures all lied, Kapone missing is our imagination as well as the 155 imagined missing dogs last year, second chance felons deserve union jobs where they cannot be fired…and all is well at MAS….that A.C. Wharton, Janet Hooks, Demetria Hogan, etc. etc, have all performed in superior fashion and to hell with the animals!

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