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Leila, ID #A072879 at Hayward Animal Services Bureau

Submitted by reader Leslie who met this dog at an adoption event and writes:

Her name is Leila, she’s about a year old and already spayed and housetrained. Her personality is just joyful. I can’t think of another word that would accurately describe her. The volunteer who was with her at the adoption event walked her over to a bin with toys on sale. Leila put her paws up on the side of the bin and picked out a green dinosaur toy which she proceeded to shake and flip into the air with enthusiastic abandon. She was extremely friendly to children who came by, but apparently may not be a good fit with large dogs or cats (she seemed to get a little more intent about them while being very relaxed otherwise).

Hayward Animal Services Bureau
16 Barnes Court
Hayward, CA 94544

510-293-7200 x7


This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

23 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. I’m the person who asked Shirley to post Leila. If I didn’t already have six special needs cats (one of whom hates dogs and is terminally ill), I would have adopted her myself. I just fell head-over-heels in love with her. The shelter volunteer told me she may have only a week left before they give up on her, and I just can’t let that happen. She has won the hearts of the shelter staff and volunteers but she’s been there since March. She’s not very big; I would estimate 35-40 lbs. Please share this wonderful dog and help me find her a loving home!

    1. If it comes down to saving her or not, could you at least foster her until someone can adopt her? What a shame it would be for this girl to lose her life.

      1. db, I have thought of fostering her. I’ve gone over and over the idea but I just can’t see a way to make it work. There isn’t any realistic way to keep her separated from my cats in my very small house during the 11+ hours a day I’m away from home. One of my cats actually tried to attack the last dog who entered my home. The fence around my yard is falling down in several places so she couldn’t be secured there. Even if I were able to set up a secure pen in the yard, I’d worry about her barking while I’m gone. My county has a 3-cat limit which I’ve exceeded; a neighbor’s complaint of a barking dog could bring the authorities to my door and put my cats at risk. I’ve also considered whether I could put her in a boarding facility for a short time but today’s $800 vet bill for one of my cats put that idea to rest. There is a rumor that a rescue is willing to pull her but I haven’t been able to get it confirmed. The last time that rumor came to me it turned out to be false.

  2. PUPPY! I don’t think this group of us here is large enough to make things happen, sorry to say. More people on hand would mean finding more homes & this puppy wouldn’t have to be worrid about by all of us here.

    Come on folks, if you can’t take in more critters, take in more people to this blog. We all want the same things here & more of us means more can be done. If everyone could invite just 1 good person each, we could double our efforts! Okay?

    Now someone give that dog a bone/home.

  3. Yes, everyone, please share her info any way you can! I’ve posted her twice on my own Facebook page and several of my friends have shared her info as well. I did get a message from the shelter volunteer last night that the rescue who had expressed interest backed out. I’m trying to find out more. If any of you have ideas about other avenues I should be pursuing, please let me know. I’m going to try to convince the shelter to hold off a little longer, and I need to find out what rescues they’ve been in contact with already. I’m not that familiar with the various dog rescue groups since I’m only involved in cat rescue.

  4. I’ll do my best to handle any questions, but I will have to refer back here.. hope that’s ok.. If you want to help on facebook.. I’m Dot Kirby.. I advocate for animals. Send me a friends request to join in sharing Leila.

  5. She’s on my facebook too, but there’s little chance anyone will ever see her there. (not the most famous person)

  6. Leila’s been adopted! I feared the worst when I arrived at the adoption event this afternoon and saw that she wasn’t there and another dog was playing with the dinosaur toy Leila picked out last weekend. I was so thrilled to hear that she has found her forever home!

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