Memphis – Can’t You See How Wrong This Is?

As we have seen so many times on the webcams, it’s at about this point – just before they hit the kill room door – that many dogs appear to balk.  Is it the smell of death?  Is it the sense of fear that grips the pets who are forced to watch each other die in a sick assembly line of killing?  Is it the total lack of compassion on the part of those dragging them to their deaths?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that it doesn’t have to be like this.

  • Memphis should immediately stop the needless killing of pets who are healthy or treatable – physically and emotionally – and implement the programs of the No Kill Equation.
  • Memphis should immediately unlock the doors to the stray area so that adopters can see and touch the dogs.
  • Memphis should immediately begin posting photos and info on every pet upon intake so that internet users can see, share, and help them.
  • Memphis should immediately cease the use of chokepoles except in rare cases when a dog requires the appropriate use of a control pole by a trained professional in order to be moved safely.
  • For those pets who are medically hopeless and suffering or dogs who have been declared vicious by a qualified party, Memphis should immediately begin providing the appropriate sedatives prior to euthanasia in order to prevent the pet from experiencing terror as his last emotion in this life.

Compassion.  Common sense.  Civic duty.  Is it too much to ask?

10 thoughts on “Memphis – Can’t You See How Wrong This Is?

  1. Nope! Not too much to ask….Doesn’t anyone else think this: NO sense of urgency on our government’s part to turn MAS into a shelter we can be proud of – no sense of urgency to find a better way to do things- to show compassions and STOP THE KILLING….Rotary Club is doing their assessment- no time frame when they will finish- HSUS coming to town- whenever that is….THERE IS SUCH A SENSE OF URGENCY to STOP THE KILLING but those in charge just drag their feet….and each day, SO many dogs and cats are killed that should have had a chance at finding a better place to go- one where they will spend the rest of their lives, being loved….I don’t understand why our government is taking their sweet time…..The frustration level continues to build with this pathetic situation.

    1. Why are they taking their sweet time? Because THEY do not care. THEY didn’t care in 2007 when abuse was finally reported by a rescue group. THEY didn’t care in 2009 when it became a national story & a local disgrace. THEY didn’t care in 2011when D. Hogan was shining a bright light on them. And it seems THEY don’t give a poo now when they are such an embarassment & watched closely from across the country.

      It seems THEY are the problem continueing with MAS as it has been for quite some time. Guess where my votes are going on election day.

  2. Hard to believe any compasionate human would allow one animal to witness the killing of another. They don’t appear to be so busy that they have to pile them in there for a mass killing. To not sedate an animal first is cruel. To drag them to their death is sick. Is there no way to allow a volunteer in there to at least try and give the animal some affection during the ordeal? It appears to me yet again that the workers are simply afraid of animals…and or dislike them to start with. Those are my feelings from what I see. I’m sure animals can smell death and hear the cries for help from others in the room as they are dragged into the chamber as the next victim.

  3. ACTION. But I repeat myself again! So so sorry, I’m so bad. If someone will take the initiative, I will take my disability money and come down and help, but it ultimately has to come from someone down there. I can provide: non-violent demonstration training; some legal counseling re: same although I am NOT a lawyer; set up groups to support anyone who gets arrested. Etc. Until you MOVE, they won’t either. Just sayin’…Oh btw, that photo is just disgusting.

  4. this is so dang wrong. why can’t they at least give them some kind of compasion before they die. damn. show them all ppl. aren’t bad ppl….one day we will win this war. i really believe that. education and the laws are the key turning points. how can ppl. not feel anything for these precious little helpless and voiceless loving little souls. come on ppl., these pets are GOD’S creature’s. how are you gone answer yourself come judgement day?

  5. Jody, THEY don’t care. # 1….if much of anything is changed..they have to admit that change is needed! So far, status quo is acceptable. MAS had been a hell hole since the first time I walked in 1980. To win this war, especially any time soon and as you said…they are dying hourly, a huge effort consisting of CONCERNED AND DETERMINED CITIZENS need to attend, not only the advisory board meetings but the city council meetings even if all we get to do is show signs. We need a way to get the information out to the general population. When people like you and I discuss this horrible blight…we already know it. It’s going to take getting the word out that there are people who do care and will work like the devil to make it happen. Believe it or not…I can easily remember when I didn’t know how to find a rescue, a foster, even a no kill shelter….A lot of people just don’t know what is or is not going on!

  6. Don’t forget the president (I think) Of the rotary club that was supposed to do an inspection (what the hell do they know about animal shelters?) was arrested for DUI. AND was asking for the Mayor repeatedly. Great…

  7. I am afraid that all the city council meetings and all the Advisory Meetings in the world will not change a thing, until you all get out into the broader community and educate, irritate and agitate. I say this based on years of activism.

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